Umesh Agarwal Announces Exclusive Credit Mentorship Program

In the past year, Agarwal has helped over 10 students create credit agencies that are largely turnkey and leverage Agarwal’s existing infrastructure to scale quickly.

Umesh Agarwal is a credit entrepreneur and Instagram influencer that has amassed a community of nearly 200,000 people. After successfully piloting a mentorship program that has helped other entrepreneurs build million-dollar credit businesses, Agarwal has announced a new mentorship program that will be open for select individuals. 

Part of the program will be guiding entrepreneurs in how to build a credit repair business, but more importantly how to market it leveraging social media. This will include lessons such as:

Building a Niche: How to develop a laser-focused niche within the credit repair industry in order to gain a competitive advantage and grow a following.

Posting Best Practices: Strategies to automate content and best practices such as how often to post and at what times.
Content Creation: Creating content that resonates and inspires people to take their credit more seriously and begin investing in their future.

How to Add Value to an Audience: An inside look into trails, demand generation, and closing leads.

Credit Repair Secrets: Learn how to rapidly fix credit scores, get accepted to leading credit card programs, and take advantage of legal loopholes.

In the past year, Agarwal has helped over 10 students create credit agencies that are largely turnkey and leverage Agarwal’s existing infrastructure to scale quickly. This is one of the only opportunities on the market that offers complete support for new students and guides them through the process from start to finish.

The ability for students to make a significant income is dependent on their location and motivation, but these are usually factors that are looked at during the initial screening period in order to maintain an exclusive group of motivated people that help each other under Agarwal’s guidance and mentorship. 

Genuity and honesty are two of the most underrated qualities of an online presence. Using these techniques Agarwal has documented his journey from an immigrant engineer to social media mogul publicly for the world to see. His content highlights his travel lifestyle which is largely free or heavily discounted using his credit card points strategy. For example, new credit cards often give generous bonuses if credit cardholders spend a certain amount of money within the first three months. Using strategies, you can do things like pay rent or other necessary bills using a credit card, essentially giving you all of the bonus for free. 

Once these strategies are mastered, students can learn how to maximize your reach with social media. The internet is an expanding realm. Algorithms change along with the changing needs and circumstances of the populace. It is a huge chunk of an instantaneous library, and as it expands, it provides more access to tools that can be used to monetize attention and followers. This process was critical in Agarwal’s ascent into one of the country's leading credit entrepreneurs. 

Umesh Agarwal successfully built his audience, interacted with them, and believes that through his hard work and willingness to help people achieve their dreams, he’s able to lead people to success. Helping other people always made him happy, and his new mentorship program will be an extension of this goal as he looks to mentor the next set of credit millionaires. 

To learn more about this program and other mentorship programs, interested applicants can message Agarwal directly on Instagram to start building a relationship.

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