Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation Has Answers to Coming Summer Heat

New and updated resources at company's website detail how insulation and radiant barriers can slash cooling bills for Houston-area homeowners, Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation reports

Summer is drawing closer, and homes throughout the Greater Houston area will soon be subjected to triple-digit temperatures. New and updated features at http://www.ultimateradiantbarrier.com/ detail how Houston-area homeowners can save as much as thousands of dollars annually on energy bills. For over ten years, Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation has been providing solutions that help keep Houston homes cooler and more comfortable in even the worst heat. Visitors to the company's website at http://www.ultimateradiantbarrier.com/ can also learn how to save 30 percent on new radiant barrier insulation and foil installation services. Given that a properly installed radiant barrier can reflect up to 97 percent of the heat that would otherwise seep into a home from above, Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation has a great deal to offer to Houston-area homeowners as summer comes closer.

"Many homeowners in the Houston area today rightly recognize the difference that an efficient air conditioning system can make in terms of keeping cooling bills down," said Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation founder and owner Marc Hinson, "What can be even more effective, though, is keeping summertime heat from making its way inside in the first place. Heat that accumulates in an improperly treated attic can produce temperature spikes of up to 25 percent as it radiates into living spaces below. Instead of paying for air conditioning to counteract those swings after the fact, it often makes more sense to install radiant barrier and insulation that can almost entirely prevent them. We think the new features at our website are going to open many eyes as to how effective of an investment this can be."

In a way analogous to other natural phenomena like electrical potential, heat energy always strives to spread out to cooler surrounding areas of less thermal activity. It can do so by three distinct means known as conduction, convection, and radiation. Conduction occurs when heat travels between solid materials in direct contact with one another and can be counteracted with insulation. Convection involves the flow of hot gases like air from one place to another and can be eliminated by simply blocking their passage. Heat-related radiation comprises the movement of thermal energy in electromagnetic form, with reflective materials inhibiting this form of transfer.

For over ten years, Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation has been one of Greater Houston's leading providers of a full range of such solutions and related expertise. Using only American-made materials, the company helps homeowners cut their heating and cooling bills significantly through the design and installation of highly effective radiant barriers and insulation. With summer on the way, new and updated resources at the Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation website at http://www.ultimateradiantbarrier.com/ detail how homeowners can prepare to beat the coming heat and save up to thousands of dollars each year.

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Offering a full range of efficiency-improving insulation services, Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation helps homeowners throughout the Greater Houston area save money on their heating and cooling bills with American-made products.

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