UK Car Number Plates Dealer Carreg Now Offers Private Number Plates Registration Services

Carreg, a UK-based car number plates dealer, offers now cheap ‘Make Your Own’ number plate registration services as a part of their long-standing commitment to their clients.

As many car users want to upgrade to private number plates by forking out extra cash, one of the UK’s most trusted car number plate dealers, Carreg, recently started offering private number plates registration services. The owners stated at a press conference that car owners in the UK can now get a private number plate for as little as £155, plus taxes as applicable. They stressed on the fact that car owners can now get personalized number plates without pinching a hole in their pockets.

While explaining what a private number plate is and how it helps car owners, one of the sales and marketing executives of said, “Private number plates do not come with the car and owners can choose these plates later and retrofit their cars with these exclusive number plates. These number plates can cost car owners a few hundred pounds or higher. There are certain patterns of car numbers, such as suffix, prefix, and dateless, which are in high demand in the UK. Call them cherished number plates or personalized number plates or vanity, it’s essentially the same thing.”

“Private number plates are not just vanity, but those who are investing in private number plates now are guaranteed to get high returns on their investments if they wish to sell their exclusive number plates a few years down the line. We also re-sell these number plates for no extra charge, as we are bound to respect the terms of our purchase agreement. The car number registration industry is getting bigger with time, and as their investment will continue to mature, they can actually re-sell their number plates to reap huge profits”, the executive added.

The executive also added that customers can add the initials of their names in the number plates, choose lucky numbers, or keep the names of their spouses or children in the number plates. They can also include the initials of their favorite football teams, or anything which they have a special attachment too.

The owner and co-founder of said, “We know most of the car owners want to upgrade to personalized number plates as they want to make their cars noticeable. At the same time, these number plates are also a solid investment, which many knowledgeable car owners have realized long back.”

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