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Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, UEM Edgenta exchanging MOBE documents with YBhg. Dato' Idzham Mohd Hashim, President & Chief Executive Officer, Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB). Also present were, Hillary Chua, Managing Director, OPUS Consultants and Michael Fu, Development Director, Property Development Division, IIB.

UEM Edgenta Berhad (UEM Edgenta), a leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company, has formalised a Memorandum of Business Exploration (MOBE) with Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) to advance sustainability, energy efficiency, and carbon emission reduction to meet IIB’s Net Zero goals in Medini, Johor.

The MOBE documents were exchanged between the organizations, represented by Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director and CEO of UEM Edgenta, and Dato' Idzham Mohd Hashim, President and CEO of IIB, in the presence of senior representatives from both entities. This collaboration is expected to positively impact future developments in the Iskandar region by integrating UEM Edgenta’s advanced energy efficiency solutions for the development of a sustainable built environment, hyper-connected city technologies, and infrastructure over the next two years.

Under the MOBE, UEM Edgenta will provide IIB with the necessary support to explore opportunities for achieving Net Zero Buildings through energy efficiency, on-site renewable energy, energy audits, and retrofitting buildings to meet green standards. The partnership also focuses on Zero Capex programmes for energy efficiency and integrated monitoring systems for energy performance and carbon emissions.

In addition, UEM Edgenta will support the implementation of sustainable and hyper-connected city development through this collaboration. This initiative involves environmentally conscious urban planning using smart technologies, establishing Renewable Energy Zones, and deploying Battery Energy Storage Systems. Additionally, a Net Zero City Technology Roadmap will be developed, featuring digital twins for urban modeling, predictive maintenance, and smart facility management systems. All efforts will align with sustainability best practices.

The collaboration will also extend to infrastructure development, where UEM Edgenta will provide engineering and project management expertise aiming to provide property owners and township developers with long-term value that meets their net zero aspirations and ambitions. Simultaneously, this partnership aims to support IIB's efforts to enhance sustainability best practices in the real estate sector, aligning with IIB's Net Zero Vision.

Dato' Idzham Mohd Hashim, President and Chief Executive Officer of IIB, shared, “The partnership with UEM Edgenta aligns perfectly with our vision to establish the region’s first net zero CBD, centering on digitalisation, innovation, and Global Business Services. By focusing on achieving net zero buildings, integrating intelligent urban technologies, and advancing renewable energy adoption, we are committed to exploring transformative sustainable solutions. Together with UEM Edgenta’s expertise, we aim to set new standards in energy efficiency and green building practices, targeting 90% Green Certified Buildings by 2040. We are confident that this collaboration will pave the way for a resilient and sustainable future in Medini, Johor.”

Syahrunizam Samsudin, Managing Director and CEO of UEM Edgenta, emphasised the crucial role of sustainability in today's corporate strategies. “As sustainability and ESG principles become increasingly central to corporate agendas, UEM Edgenta serves as a transformative force. Over three decades in Malaysia, our sustainability initiatives have not only delivered significant cost savings but also enhanced performance and increased asset value for our clients. Our results speak for themselves: clients have realised up to a 52% reduction in electrical energy use, saving over RM100 million cumulatively, and our efforts have led to carbon emission reductions exceeding 31,200 tCO2. In light of this shift towards sustainability, we urge more Malaysian companies to adopt green practices, paving the way for a resilient and environmentally sustainable future.”

“Hence, the collaboration between UEM Edgenta and IIB is expected to positively impact future developments by integrating advanced energy transition solutions, enhancing sustainability practices, and ensuring that all new and existing projects align with IIB’s Net Zero goals. We also believe that this partnership will benefit both organizations by fostering a collaborative environment, sharing knowledge and expertise, and opening opportunities for future ventures and sustainable projects,” added Syahrunizam.

The MOBE will be implemented by UEM Edgenta through OPUS Consultants, Edgenta Property & Facilities Solutions (PFS), and Edgenta NXT. These subsidiaries will collaboratively deliver advanced energy transition solutions and hyper-connected city technologies. OPUS will lead the engineering and consultancy services, ensuring robust infrastructure development and optimisation; PFS will focus on implementing energy efficiency programmes and retrofitting buildings to meet green standards, while Edgenta NXT will deploy digital and technological solutions to support Net Zero Hyper-connected city objectives. Together, they will drive the initiatives outlined in the MOBE, fostering sustainable growth and contributing to the realisation of a net zero CBD in Medini.

The signing of the MOBE between UEM Edgenta and IIB marks a significant milestone in their journey towards sustainable development and energy transition, leveraging UEM Edgenta’s expertise to create impactful solutions for a greener, more resilient future.

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