Ubex Accepted into NVIDIA AI incubator

The leading chipmaker Nvidia is gradually moving towards the Blockchain industry as it aims at expanding its interest in the given field of technology.

The leading GPU manufacturing company Nvidia is adding new Blockchain startup Ubex to its incubator list. Last year, the profit margin of Nvidia rose drastically because of the rising demands of the GPUs with the introduction of the cryptocurrencies. The company which gained headlines last year due to the boost from the crypto mining industry last year is now aimed at extending its base in the Blockchain industry. The company has revealed that it has expanded its partnership with the startup Ubex for developing a high-end smart online marketing system that makes use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Blockchain technology.

Abhinav Agrawal –a spokesperson from Ubex was observed stating that Nvidia has accepted Ubex into the AI incubator through the Inception Program earlier this month. The company now aims at utilizing the Blockchain technology towards helping a neural network in becoming more efficient with respect to the marketing & advertisements on the online platform.

The CEO & Co-founder of Ubex Artem Chestnov stated that the company makes use of the Blockchain technology specifically towards satisfying its goal of ensuring transparent & speedy transactions. He added that any typical AI unit requires datasets for working in a more effective manner and learning efficiently. Training for AI would require a lot of efforts. With the help of the Blockchain technology, it allows them to gain attention from various sources of vital information that could be used towards enriching the specific database of AI –making it even faster, stronger, smarter, and more efficient.

Recently, Ubex had released a prototype of its technology platform for the purpose of testing. The latest Nvidia Inception Program has been designed explicitly for providing AI & Data Science startups with the necessary resources required for completing the overall development & marketing of the products & services. This has been stated as per the information derived from the Nvidia official website.

Agrawal further explained that the resources that are provided by Nvidia mainly include marketing & educational tools along with proper datasets for the purpose of training the respective neural network of Ubex. Arjun Dutt –head of Nvidia’s Inception Program confirmed that Ubex is now a part of the incubation program. However, he also added that the use of the Blockchain technology by Ubex is not a major factor in the given consideration by Nvidia. Instead, it has been a part of the planned application that enticed Nvidia to them. He added that the central area of interest in the overall utilization of neural networks and deep learning by Nvidia is for ensuring better online advertising algorithms.

According to Nvidia, its specialized Inception Program for Ubex is aimed at propelling the AI-based startups with robust, impactful GPU technology, tools, and deeper learning expertise.

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