Two Internet Giants Take On Popcorn Industry with New PopMaize Braun

Konrad Braun and Regina Riemer - two internet giants - take on popcorn industry with their new brand of popcorn poppers called PopMaize

Konrad Braun - a Kelowna SEO consultant - recently teamed up with popular food blogger - Regina Riemer - to build a new brand of popcorn making equipment called PopMaize.

PopMaize does not yet have it's own line of products, but according to Braun, they are currently negotiating production details with overseas suppliers and hope to have products on their site as well as on Amazon by mid 2018.

"It's a lengthy process. First of all figuring out what kind of products people actually use, what the production and shipping cost of such a product is, and then figuring out how one can make a profit with it" says Braun.

He went on to say that popcorn is a fairly competitive niche. "You want to know what you're doing. Especially when you are going into as competitive a niche as this is. I obviously have the marketing resources, years of experience, and branding know-how, but that alone only gets you so far."

"Which is the main reason I partnered with Riemer." continued Braun. "She has been in the popcorn niche for a couple years now and has done relatively well with her generic popper review post as well as her newer commercial popper review post so she is definitely able to bring niche experience to the table that I personally do not have."

Braun says he is fairly new in the kitchen gadget niche but is optimistic that he will enjoy it. "The thing with competitive niches is that you got to enjoy being in them. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel but you got to stay on top of social media trends and of course on top of Google."

Riemer wasn't available for immediate comment but did say at an earlier point that she is super excited about this new partnership and is confident two heavy hitters are better than one (referring to herself and Braun).

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