Tulster’s Concealable OWB Holster is Now Available in Left and Right Handed Orientations

The new OWB hostler from Tulster is shaking up the industry with a string of positive reviews.

Tulster released the newest type of holster they offer, the Contour, which is an OWB holster. This is the company’s first Outside The Waistband holster, coming after a string of pleas from customers that wanted an alternative to their already popular IWB holster range.

The holster has some really cool designs like what they call “asymmetrical wings”. These are the pieces of Kydex that are on either side of the holster, and they sort of angle the grip of the firearm into the body, which makes the holster more concealable by making it less visible when clothing is pulled over it.

Pretty soon after they launched they started releasing all the models for left-handed too. Now all the holsters they offer can be bought for right or left-handed shooters. When people have commented or messaged in, Tulster said that future Contour holsters will be released off the bat with left and right hand.

A low-profile OWB holster
Tulster has long been famous for its Profile IWB Holster. This was an Inside the Waistband holster that’s designed to be as concealable as possible, keeping a very low profile of the firearm. It was extremely simple, and has been the basis of inspiration for the new OWB holster.

The Contour is effectively the same type of holster, keeping a very low profile, only it is Outside the Waistband rather than inside it. Tulster hopes this provides the concealability of IWB with the comfort of OWB.

A host of new features
Its got a bunch of features that people look for in a holster and some new features as well. One of the new features is the “RAS” which is a new type of adjustable retention. Lots of other holsters just have a screw that can be loosened or tightened to adjust retention, but this one is a lot more secure. It comprises of a tag that can be moved up or down until the owner finds the ideal level of retention they’re after.

It’s also got solid Kydex that isn’t too thick or too thin, and some really slick blackened stainless steel hardware. It has a raised sight channel for aftermarket sights and an open-ended muzzle for threaded barrels to pass through.

Right now on the site, it looks like 12 firearm models are purchasable, like the Glock 43X MOS, the Sig Sauer P365 and P365XL, the Springfield Hellcat, and the Shield Plus, those are all smaller micro-compact firearms. But because it’s OWB though, they’ve also got larger firearms, like the Glock 19, Glock 17, the M&P 2.0 4/4.25”, and the P320 X-Full, also the H&K VP9 it looks like.

It’s available in black and black carbon fiber like the OATH, but now they just released Black Multicam also which is an interesting covert type of pattern. Alongside this, they just released Black Multicam for their other IWB holster the OATH, and the Echo series carrier; the universal mag carrier they have is also buyable in Black Multicam.

For more information, check out the website here: https://tulster.com/.

About Tulster
Tulster is located in Jenks, Oklahoma. Please find the media contact below and contact them if you’ve got any questions about products or anything else.

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