Tulsa Music Studio Professionals Plan Free Classes And Training

Groovus Maximum Project offers a comprehensive music production venue for area musicians. The studio and professional team is suitable for tasks from one-on-one song production to tracking full bands and everything in between

Groovus Maximus Project and Chris Bell are pleased to announce that the professionals at the Tulsa music studio want to help others in the industry. From instruments to recording classes, Groovus Maximus offers classes and training on several different instruments, gear, vocal techniques and more. Some of the lectures will be posted on the website at no-charge, as well. Since the Tulsa music scene is on the rise, the team wants to be a major part of the growth and learn from everyone as well as teach.

Chris Bell explained in an interview, “Producing music is our specialty. We live for making memorable music, from one-on-one song production to tracking full bands and everything in between, we live for making memorable music. We will do it with world class microphones and pre-amps as well. Whether you need samples for your Lo-Fi Hip Hop Album, need the sound of a giant space monster for your Sci Fi masterpiece, or just need sounds of nature and ambient environments, you are in the right place.”

He continues, "We have the equipment and knowledge to bring your audio to life. The finishing touches are crucial when creating memorable music. We use a wide array of plugins and outboard gear to edit, mix and master projects. If you live near a parking garage, abandoned church or subterranean cavern that you have always thought would be the best place to record music; we will pack up our gear and come to you. We want you to be thrilled with your music."

The Groovus Maximus Project was started by Tulsa musician/producer Chris Bell as a one-stop shop for music and audio production. With the experience of recording many different styles of music comes a perspective that is well tuned to helping artists find their sound. Groovus Maximus can not only record clients' audio projects, but they are also accomplished musicians who can custom record riffs, chords and full compositions on practically any instrument."

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Bell
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Organization: Groovus Maximus Project
Address: 1326 Circle Drive, Sapulpa OK 74066
Phone: (918) 609-0355
Website: http://www.groovusmax.com/

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