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Attorneys work to help all individuals facing criminal charges, regardless of their sex, yet Oklahoma leads the country in terms of women incarcerated, Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Law Firm announces

Oklahoma remains the state with the most women behind bars, and many individuals are surprised to learn this. Steps are being taken to rectify this, yet more needs to be done. As Governor Mary Fallin recently pointed out, many of these women find they are behind bars as they are coping with the effects of criminal activity perpetrated against them. With the right criminal defense attorney, women in this situation may find they are able to mount a defense to reduce the charges they are facing or have them eliminated completely.

"Women who are looking to escape a bad situation at home may turn to theft to obtain income. They do so with the hopes of saving enough money to leave the house and begin a new life. Sadly, these women are often caught and end up behind bars. With the right felony lawyers in Tulsa, a woman may find she can have her charges reduced and receive the help she needs upon leaving prison to forge this new life, if the charges aren't dropped entirely," Charles Kania of Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Law Firm explains.

For example, a women who kills their abuser in self defense may be charged with murder or manslaughter. Both crimes in the state will be charged as a felony. In the event the attorney can prove the abuse and that the woman acted in self defense, the charges may be lowered or the case dismissed. This reduces the time a women spends behind bars and may lead to her walking free, but only when it can be shown that the actions taken were to save her life.

"In the event the woman is convicted of a crime, the charge she is convicted of also plays a role in how long she will spend behind bars. For instance, being charged with a class A felony could lead to the woman spending 15 years behind bars, while a class B felony would reduce the incarceration time to only 7 years. This is only an example, but shows how a reduction in charges could lead to a significant decrease in the penalties she is facing," Kania continues.

Men also find they benefit from the hiring of an attorney when they are charged with a crime. Every individual in the country charged with a crime is entitled to legal representation. Finding the right attorney to handle the case is crucial to obtaining the best outcome possible.

"Contact our firm today to discuss your case. We work with every client to craft the best defense for their unique situation. Whenever a person is incarcerated, they are unable to contribute positively to society. We want to help our clients get back on their feet in the shortest time possible," Kania declares.

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