Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Law Office Reports on Felony Convictions in the State

While activists work to retroactively assist those convicted of a felony now classified as a misdemeanor, anyone facing charges today needs a solid defense, Tulsa-CriminalLawyers.com reports

Individuals in the state who have previously been convicted of a felony that has now been reclassified as a misdemeanor have hope. A group of activists continues to work to have these sentences commuted. Although this does not reduce the sentence the individual faces or allow them to be released early, it will have a positive effect on their future, as a misdemeanor is less serious than a felony. Nevertheless, any person who has been charged with a serious crime cannot hope something similar will happen for them in the future. The best way to avoid any negative consequences resulting from an alleged crime is to craft a strong felony criminal defense. Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Law Office can be of assistance with this.

"There is no one strategy that works in every case, as each situation is unique. An experienced attorney uses the information presented to him or her to craft this defense. In some situations, the truth is enough to show the defendant did not commit the crime. While the prosecution may present a different story based on the facts, it is up to the jury to determine which is accurate. The attorney plays a role in what this group of individuals decides," Ian Smiles, spokesperson for Tulsa Criminal Lawyers Law Office, explains.

Assault and battery is a term that many believe they understand but truly do not. In order for a person to be convicted of assault and battery, they must threaten to harm another person or actually do so. Threatening behavior is enough to bring about a conviction if the victim truly believes he or she is at risk of bodily harm. As a result, anyone accused of this crime will need to speak with an Assault and battery attorney to determine how to best proceed with a defense in this situation.

"The jury's role is to determine if a reasonable person would feel threatened in a similar situation. For example, when two friends are playing around and one goes to swing at another, this typically is not assault and battery as most people wouldn't feel threatened if they were in a similar situation. This is where the confusion comes in, and laws often differ with regard to assault and battery when a deadly weapon is involved. The attorney can be of great help in clarifying the charges, explaining the possible defense strategies and more," Smiles continues.

When a person has been convicted of a felony and the felony is later reduced to a misdemeanor charge, he or she may wonder about having the criminal records sealed and expunged. An attorney may be of help with this also and will work with the individual to determine his or her options. One can only know if they ask.

"You may find you obtain a sense of relief when you discover you can Seal and expunge your criminal record. Felonies do follow a person for life, thus the removal of the offense from a person's record will have a dramatic effect. Contact our office today to discuss your legal matter as it relates to criminal charges. We are happy to help you in any way we can," Smiles announces.

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