Tubular Membranes Market Size Expected to Reach $1.3 Billion by 2026

The Growing Emphasis on Reducing Capital and Operating Costs of Zero Liquid Discharge Systems With the Use of Membranes Is Also a Major Driver of the Tubular Membranes Market.

Tubular Membranes Market size is expected to be valued at $1.3 billion by the end of the year 2026 and the tubular membranes industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period from 2021-2026. With the increasing regulations on wastewater discharge from industries across the world, the demand for tubular membranes is also increasing rapidly. The growing emphasis on reducing capital and operating costs of zero liquid discharge systems with the use of membranes is also a major driver of the tubular membranes market. These membranes have metal organic frameworks, which enhances the porousness of the membrane and also is extremely foulant resistant, which is one of the significant factor which is hugely driving the tubular membranes market.

COVID-19 Impact

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the tubular membranes market has taken a serious hit in terms of production and distribution. The production of tubular membranes was greatly reduced, which affected the distribution and thereby affecting the market greatly. The restrictions on imports and exports across the globe have also hugely impacted the logistics and supply chain of the tubular membranes market.

Tubular Membranes Market Segment Analysis– By Material

Polysulphone segment held the largest share of more than 25% in the tubular membranes market in the year 2020. The main reason behind this being polysulphone allows easy manufacturing of membranes, with reproducible properties. Polysulphone are polymers of intrinsic microporosity, which is highly contorted and rigid macromolecular structures, that helps in facilitating space-efficient packing.

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Tubular Membranes Market Segment Analysis– By Application

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) segment held the largest share of approximately 30% in the tubular membranes market in the year 2020. The main reason being, reverse osmosis forms a significant part of zero liquid system.

Tubular Membranes Market Segment Analysis– End User

Energy and power industry held the largest share in the tubular membranes market in the year 2020. The energy & power industry is further driven by the increase in demand for power needed to cater to the rising business across various industries.

Tubular Membranes Market Segment Analysis– Geography

Asia-Pacific region held the largest share of around 40% in the tubular membranes market in the year 2020. The APAC region leads on the basis of the complete installed capacity of coal power industries with China and India leading the worldwide front in the segment. This can be attributed to the fast industrialization and expansion in the region boosting the requirement for water treatment.

Tubular Membranes Market Drivers

Demand from thermal sector and Rise in cooling tower blow down

The growth in thermal energy industry in recent days has led to an increase in the demand for tubular Membranes. Thermal power industry uses steam –driven turbines to generate power, and those turbines requires tubular Membranes to facilitate the flow of process.

Growing demand from key-use industries and Increasing regulations on waste water discharge

With the rapid industrialisation across the globe, many key –use industries such as food and beverage, textile industry etc., has been rapidly growing and developing in the recent years. This has also increased the release of their industry wastes such as waste water, excess dye etc., which has given rise to the need for waste treatments and management, eventually increasing the usage of tubular Membranes in the tubes and pipes through which the wastes are either released or treated.

Reducing operating cost of Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system

Tubular membrane helps in reducing the operating cost of zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system, by increasing the efficiency of the zero liquid discharge system.

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Tubular Membranes Market Challenges

High cost and the decreased life expectancy of the Membranes

There are cheaper substitutes to tubular membranes such as UF membranes and NF membranes which are cheaper as compared to tubular membranes and highly reduces the operational cost of the industrial facility. Another main factor which is a big challenge to the tubular Membranes factor is the life expectancy of the Membranes.

Specialty Adhesives Market Industry Outlook

Major players in the Tubular Membranes Market are Pentair, Porex Filtration Group, Berghof Membranes Technology, Hyflux, MICRODYN-NADIR, Dynatec Systems, Inc., Synder Filtration, Spintex Filtration, PCI Membranes and Duraflow LLC among others.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches

In June 2020, Synder Filtration launched a new series of filter products called OptimalFlow series elements. This new product line caters to existing ultrafiltration and microfiltration standard and MAX membrane types in similar and common element sizes and models

Key Takeaways

Asia-Pacific market is expected to hold the the largest share in the tubular membranes market, owing to the rising industrialisation and related environmental concerns in countries such as China, India and ASEAN countries.

The growth of tubular membranes can be credited to the growing emphasis on reducing operating costs of zero liquid systems using membranes.

The increase in demand for tubular membranes is also due to the increase in regulations of wastewater discharge from various industries across the globe.

Furthermore, the growth of tubular membranes market is also driven by the demand from thermal sector, which has been in the the rise in the recent days.

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