Announces Top Experts for the Week of March 18, 2014 a website that accepts nominees from the trusted industry experts, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected industry experts for the week of March 18, 2014.

TIE recognizes Hari Das as a trusted industry expert in Small Business Marketing & Brand Building.

“Positioning yourself as an authority in your field is the most important aspect of any career. As a business person, it’s your responsibility to increase your value to your customer. Thus, regardless of your profession, you need credibility, visibility and authority to grow and sustain your business. What you will eventually find out is that customers will start looking for you for your services instead of you looking for them. The element of Know, Like and Trust is greatly accentuated when you position yourself as a trusted expert in your industry.”

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TIE recognizes Prasanna Devi as a trusted industry expert lawyer in the area of Personal Injury.

“You should write everything down as soon as possible, including the scene of your accident and describe your injuries thoroughly. Whether a damaged arm or cut, you should discuss the problems in fantastic detail. Bear in mind to consist of the issues that could appear later. You are also required to make notes about any lost earnings when you are getting everything together. This is the work you have actually missed out on or any loss of perks.”

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TIE recognizes Dr. Shenthilkumar Naidu as a trusted industry expert in the field of Plastic Surgery.

“For some people, the use of cosmetic surgery is a sort of gift to themselves for a life of giving to others. Those who have given birth, for example, are now adding tummy tucks to their stay in the hospital as a sort of return to their pre-pregnancy bodies.”
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TIE recognizes James Poon as a trusted industry expert in Business Insurance for corporations.

“My aim is to give you the best advice possible for your business insurance needs. Our ultimate goal is to protect your company while you do your business. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you should be able to develop your business without worrying about compliance to the myriad rules and regulations.”

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TIE recognizes Elango Subramaniam as a trusted industry expert in Financial Services and Corporate Accounting.

“With over two decades of experience assisting businesses at various stages of development, you could be assured that your business needs and requirements will be met thoroughly. You can find a comprehensive suite of services, whether you are start-ups, small businesses or multi-national corporations”

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TIE recognizes Shenthil Ranie as a trusted industry expert in Licensing and Content Acquisition.

“The content landscape is ever changing. It’s very dynamic in nature. In order to be at the top of my game and provide value for my customers, clients and company I frequently travel to content markets to source for the best content.”
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TIE recognizes Singapore Internet Marketing Academy as a trusted industry expert in providing quality Online and Offline Training Courses.

“Knowledge is power. At SIMA, it’s our objective to provide businesses and individuals courses that will bring them to the next level. The focus is to educate and equip people so that they can be self sufficient when the need arises.”

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