TrustActivity launches a tool to make a website’s recent sales and popularity visible

TrustActivity Limited launches a new tool that will enable real time notifications on a website. These notifications will inform visitors about the website’s latest sales and new sign-ins. The TrustActivity tool will highlight the popularity and trustworthiness of a website.

Trust Activity Limited has recently launched a tool which allows websites to make client activities visible on the website. They claim to have developed this tool to enable every visitor on a website to see the recent activities of the other visitors in real time! The company believes that such a feature will effectively convince the possible clients that they are visiting trusted websites, and this, in turn, will convert visitors into customers.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Andrew Makgregor, commented on the advanced features of the tool saying, “TrustActivity is designed to display all sorts of client activity including the number of people who signed up in the last 24 hours and the latest visitors who are signing up at the moment. With TrustActivity, one shall be able to share true and authentic information with their visitors.” The very purpose of the tool is to highlight the popularity of a website and impress the visitors. The product stresses on the idea that popularity boosts business for a website.To this effect, TrustActivity comes with some incredible properties that will make it hassle-free for users to use the tool.

When asked about the interface of the tool, one of the developers said, “The integrated translation feature will allow users to change the language of the notifications to any language they prefer.The pop-up notifications will look amazing anywhere, a mobile, a laptop, or any other device. Besides, an archive of impressive template designs will help the users to choose the right design for the notifications,ones they feel best represents the persona of their organization.”

For Interested buyers,TrustActivity is offering a free trial period of 7 days. This fair deal can be expected to draw all the more attention from users allowing them to witness the wonders of TrustActivity before they decide to pay for it. One of their new clients shared his own opinion of the tool saying, “TrustActivity is easy to install, SEO friendly, and has a user-friendly interface. It is a good thing that it gives the user commendable control over the display time and rules regarding the information they choose to display. There is the option of the user to decide the time intervals, delay or locations for displaying the information.”

The company is going to provide constant support to the users. In case of any need for technical assistance, the users shall be able to contact the support team directly through the service. The company has decided to offer all support free of cost.

About the Company:

Trust Activity Limited is a Russian company that designed the TrustActivity tool in order to increase the transparency of activities on a website. With this feature, they frame the user website as a trustworthy and popular one. Their coding tool allows a website to make all the positive customer activities on the website visible to other visitors. Their prices start from $19 a month and go upto $399 a month for VIP service.

Contact Info:
Name: Andrew Makgregor
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Organization: Trust Activity Limited
Address: 22 Moiseenko Street Saint-Petersburg, Leningradskaya 195000 Russia
Phone: 7016506455

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