Truong Phat VN – Leading Geosynthetic, construction chemical, road & bridge’s products in Vietnam

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Truong Phat VN tells about its company and the products it offers.

A group of specialists established Truong Phat VN with professional qualifications, enthusiasm and progression. The company is the union of leading engineers with several years of experience in transportation, construction, irrigation, environment besides enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative economic professions. Truong Phat VN develops its development strategy based on the "sustainable" perspective. This is the rule for production as well as business activities. Therefore, the company works in the fields to contribute to environmental protection and boost the quality of community life. " Together building a bright future ". This is the slogan that the company seeks to build sustainable values ​​ that will establish the solid development of Truong Phat VN later on. That is the reason why it always puts on the criterion of "quality" on the top. The company is best known for providing: Constructions chemical products, geosynthetic, road and bridge’s products like HDPE geomembrane, GCL membrane, Geotextile, geogrid, geocell, neoweb, waterproof: polyurea, polyurethane, bitumen, HDPE membrane, grout, admix, joint sealant, PVC water stop, PC strand, anchorage, bearing pad bridge bearings, prestressed cables and, expansion joint for bridge and slab and wall…

As of now, the company is doing business - manufacturing products for traffic, environment, and industry. The company gives HDPE waterproofing membrane of world-famous brands, for example, HUITEX, SOLMAX, ARITEX, TENCATE, BASF, FOSROC, SIKA, RENOLIT… used to waterproofing line of the basement, Metro, landfills, ash pond, pond, water reservoirs, red mud pond, Biogas float cover...GCL waterproof membrane utilized to line landfills, water reservoirs, wastewater pond...Waterproof construction joint is made of copper, PVC, and stainless steel materials to construction joint and concrete expansion joints. Industrial pipes for water supply and drainages, such as composite, HDPE, U-PVC, steel pipes, cast iron, and accessories.

Truong Phat VN got a chance to work on several significant projects that gave the company huge market recognition. The company is proud to be an excellent solution consultant, supplier, and waterproofing construction for road tunnels with PVC membrane for the Deo Ca tunnel project and the Co Ma tunnel project, Noi Bai Lao Cai expressway tunnel, Phú Gia, Phuoc Tuong tunnel. It is a fast and powerful long-term solution that has significantly been applied to several traffic tunnel projects via the mountains in the world. Products utilized for waterproofing construction were PVC membrane EU origin for road tunnels with top quality and technical standards, assured hit and withstand and, massive puncture resistance and fire resistance as per EU standards, ideal for tropical climates. Another project that the company handled with complete dedication is waterproofing red mud pond, which is crucial for constructing red mud pond for the Nhan Co Alumnim factory, Tan Rai bauxite’s red mud pond, Thermal power plant of Mong Duong 1&2 ’s ash pond, Thai Binh 1 thermal power plan, Vung Ang thermal power plant and so on.
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About the Company: Truong Phat VN is a leading company that manufactures and distributes high-quality construction geosynthetics, chemical construction, road and bridge products.

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