Truck Wheel Balancing Rings Provides Up To 50 Percent Savings On Tyres

Australian-owned Atlas Balance Company offers services to the Australian trucking industry with a range of high-quality wheel balancing products. The uniquely developed, locally engineered products meet the demands of Aussie roads.

Atlas Balance Company and Simon McQuillan are pleased to announce that their truck wheel balancing rings are designed to save as much as 50 percent of truck tires. The product line is locally engineered and high quality, perfect for the demands of harsh and unforgiving Australian roads. The Atlas Balance System has been introduced for the use on truck and bus wheels. This unique method of balancing has proven itself to be the best type of balancer and is Australian made and Australian owned. The design, engineering, and marketing team range from all sides of the transport and metal fabrication and engineering industry based in Brisbane.

In addition to increased tire life, the process of balancing reduces wheel shimmy, improves vehicle handling and reduces driver fatigue. On-the-fly wheel balancing ensures that the liquid metal in the balancing ring counters any light/heavy spots in the wheel assembly constantly.

With centrifugal force being created by a rotating tire and wheel that is out of balance, the liquid metal which is free-moving within the ring moves to positions along the ring, This will exactly offset any light and heavy spots, thereby eliminating the vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass. When positioned, centrifugal force holds the liquid metal in that position until a different vibrational resonance pattern develops from tire wear or from stones, mud or ice sticking to the tire or wheel with every rotation, which instantly forces the fluid to its new equilibrium positions.

The Atlas Balance System will precisely, instantly and dynamically self-adjust to tire and wheel imbalance because nature requires equilibrium, and natural forces will act on the counterbalancing fluid to eliminate vibrational resonance and disequilibrium. With the decades of experience with heavy vehicles, the firm has made a difference in the launch of new products. Atlas has been able to converse, test and design and manufacture the goods locally which is even better, as now it is also providing local jobs for the industry and economy.

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