Truck Restoration Unlimited LLC Reports on the Importance of Semis Today

Semis move the majority of freight in America today and cover tens of thousands of miles each year, leading to the need for high-quality and timely repairs, announces

According to the American Trucking Association, 3.68 million semi-trailer trucks were in operation in the United States in 2016. These trucks account for the majority of commercial miles driven each year. As a result, owner-operators and companies that maintaining semi-trailer trucks as part of their fleet need a Semi Truck Repair Shop they can rely on and Truck Restoration Unlimited LLC strives to be this shop.

"We are a semi-truck body & repair shop located in Baltic, Ohio, and we exist to make sure you have the best looking semi-truck on the road. Whether it is painting, repairs, or upgrades; Truck Restoration Unlimited is the only semi-truck body shop that you will need to visit. As a trucker, you have always had the "dream truck" in your mind. You know what colors you want the exterior, what trim you want in the interior and the features that would make your semi-truck dreams come true. Truck Restoration Unlimited wants to make those dreams come true," Caleb Miller, spokesperson for Truck Restoration Unlimited LLC, reports.

Trucks carried 10.55 billion tons of freight in 2016, and this only accounts for primary shipments. This figure represents almost 71 percent of all total domestic tonnage moved that year. These figures demonstrate the importance of the trucking industry, and trucks must be in good shape to ensure shipments arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

"Focusing on quality work without breaking your bank, Truck Restoration Unlimited will perform any type of repair, upgrade, or paint job that you require. With a 1-year part and workmanship warranty, we want you to have peace of mind when your truck leaves our semi-truck body shop," Miller continues.

While the average semi is estimated to cover 45,000 miles each year, long-distance trucks cover more than 100,000 miles in a given year, according to the Federal Highway Administration in conjunction with the trucking industry. For this reason, drivers need to make certain their truck is fixed in a timely manner to minimize downtime and a loss of profits.

"Are you tired of over-promising semi-truck shops with laborious processes? If you are, then Truck Restoration Unlimited is the perfect solution with our simple 3-step process! First, we give you an estimate for the work. And if you live within 50 miles of our Semi Truck Body Shop and repair center, we will save you the trip and come to you. Second, we will schedule the work around your schedule. We know that when your truck is in the shop, you aren't making money, so we will work around your calendar. And third, we work on your truck and give you the semi-truck of your dreams! Contact us today if you are searching for a great place to get high-quality custom work at a reasonable price," Miller announces.

About Truck Restoration Unlimited LLC:

For over 15 years Truck Restoration Unlimited has been working with semi-trucks in Baltic, Ohio to perform everything required on semi-trucks. From basic repairs to custom work, their goal is to be the only semi-truck body shop that drivers rely on for their semi-truck needs.

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