TronWoW reached a cooperation with Russia Sky(HBO), community of Game of Thrones.

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On April 18th, the Russian Sky Network (Russian Sky), a subsidiary of HBO TV Network, held a "TronWoW and "Game of Thrones" Community Meetup " in St. Petersburg.

On April 18th, the Russian Sky Network (Russian Sky), a subsidiary of HBO TV Network, held a "TronWoW and "Game of Thrones" Community Meetup " in St. Petersburg. Benita, a founding member of TronWoW, attended with Lib, TronWoW Marketing Manager, Paul, director of HBO Sky, shared the development of TronWoW vision with the fans and Sky community members.

HBO is the distribution production company of "Game of Thrones". Since its premiere in 2011, "Game of Thrones" has continuously set a record for the industry, the average number of viewers per episode in the US market reached as high as 23 million people and has received continuous attention for hundreds of millions of people for 8 years.

The success of the show also brought great commercial benefits. In 2018, AT&T spent hundreds of billion to acquire HBO from Time Warner.

With the theme of “decentralized games”, the meetup echoes the main story of the eighth season of “Game of Thrones”. At the press conference, TronWoW announced a partnership with HBO Sky to establish a strategic partnership and gain character authorization. It will add the gameplay of " Game of Thrones
" to the new Tronwow game to create the first Global IP DApp game.

Russia Sky community will collaborate with TronWoW to in game promotion.

Benita also gave a speech in the event and told everyone about the vision and roadmap.

Benita mentioned that building a decentralized content platform is the vision of the TRON. She highly recognizes the planning of the TRON founder Justin Sun. TronWoW is pleased to be a participant in this innovation, offering more exciting and diverse content to users.

After the event,TronWoW and Russia sky community had tea together and discuss TRON Dapp community together.

After the conference, Russia Sky editor Sergey said farewell to TronWoW team. Both parties have positive expectations for the next TronWoW cooperation with Russia Sky community of "Game of Thrones" and believe that Tronwow will gain more attention. TronWoW is also planning to build a decentralized gaming platform.

It is reported that the current Tronwow daily transaction volume has approached 100 million TRX, and on April 13, when Tronwow game was only listed two days, it became the highest DApp in TRON. The game created a fair game solution as the development team did not reserve any token, which was recognized by community members.

According to the survey, "Game of Thrones" itself has 420 million fans in the world, and TronWoW and "Game of Thrones" cooperation coincides with the time, the potential is very obvious. TronWoW still commits that the game will be will give Tesla Model 3 as a gift when the transaction volume exceeds 1 billion TRX.

In the next week, TronWoW will launch the new game, really look forward to the new game.

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