TRON DeFi Platform 7 Finance Rolls Out Pre-Sale of SVN Tokens with Liquidity Reward Scheme

7Finance has launched the SVN token with a fair and transparent DeFi platform.

The advent of decentralized platforms on blockchain opens up a new wealth of opportunities. 7 Finance is a brand new crypto platform built on TRON, and an emerging ecosystem that promises a new banking experience in areas such as loans and crypto trading. The SVN token of the platform is now available in pre-sale at very competitive prices until November 30, 2020.

7 Finance aims to become the #1 DeFi on TRON blockchain. The platform is run on an innovative interest rate protocol algorithm, making it easier for users to benefit from the ecosystem. Crypto investors need a fair and trusted platform where everyone's a winner. For loan borrowers, the need for a simple and flexible way to raise money has risen.

7 Finance offers everyone exactly the decentralized ecosystem they have always wanted – a 100% fair and transparent way to invest and earn rewards and revenue by providing liquidity. The platform allows easier ways to access funds without having to fill out forms or hard to meet and pre-existing requirements. Anonymous access with TRX staking and guaranteed payment make it a trusted way to transact or invest.

The SVN token allows for accessing all financial products available in 7 Finance. With a total supply of just 7 million, the tokens can be used with the Balancer protocol for creating liquidity in the 7Finance pool while earning rewards. A low supply and attractive pricing makes SVN score high above competing tokens.

7 Finance is developing several crypto and finance products, such as flexible loans, a crypto trading app, a crypto exchange and a governance community. This ecosystem will solve long-standing problems such as difficulty in accessing funds for borrowers and the need to create flexible financing. For crypto investors, 7 Finance will bring security and guarantee for their funds.
The liquidity and incentive scheme at 7 Finance works with the Balancer protocol, and is intended to create deep liquidity within the ecosystem. Buyers of SVN can thus provide liquidity and earn attractive rewards.

SVN pre-sale is now live in its first round, with two more to go. The initial offer price in public sale is an attractive 2.80USD, and a direct referral commission scheme is available.
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