Trippy Mandrills Club Launches Their Very Own NFT Project Exclusively

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The Trippy Mandrills Club, powered by Ethereum, brings together 9,000 Trippy Mandrills and the holders of their NFTs, featuring over 170 hand-drawn traits.

NFTs have recently emerged as a means for innovators creators to mint their distinct artworks for the public. One of the most popular NFT marketplaces, OpenSea's Sales, has reached nearly $2 billion in August 2021. The Trippy Mandrills is one of the emerging crypto platform in crypto industry.

The Trippy Mandrills is one of the unique approaches created by crypto experts. They possess 9,000 Mandrill Sphinx, as they call it, set to revolutionize the world with the vision of the future of metaverse. The public sale price is to be confirmed yet. The launch price will be 0.07 ETH + gas. Trippy Mnadrills, along with their exclusive services, offers two types of NFTs. First is KING MANDRILLS: They are the nine Mandrills who first unlocked the powerful properties of magic mushrooms. Each King Mandrill NFT holder will get a $9,000 bonus reward. ELON MUSK MANDRILLS.

Second is The Elon Musk Mandrill: These NFTs are two Mandrills who gained extraordinary intellectual abilities after experimenting with mushrooms one day. Holders of these NFTs will be rewarded with a Tesla. When the Team of Trippy Mandrills hit 15,000 Discord members; they will be giving away 5 Trippy Mandrill NFTs immediately. Early investors can enjoy their feature of the virtual party that is only for Trippy Mandrill holders and leave with a bunch of rewards for being early adopters. 50% of the second-market royalties will be committed to a particular fund wallet to ensure the Trippy Mandrills Club can keep growing.

Recently they are all set to launch the Trippy Mandrills merch collections. Moreover, the service is open to all Trippy Mandrill NFT holders; the club will be hosting a raffle, with nine Trippy Mandrills and one King Mandrill as prizes. TRIPPY MANDRILLS CURRENCY is their major project. Trippy Mandrills Club is giving away Tesla for every Elon Musk Mandrill NFT holder, which the team is expecting to be the key to the future of crypto society in the metaverse.

The more active the investors will be in the community, the higher their ranking will be, unlocking more decisions they get to have a voice in, along with they will get free airdrops of the mutant NFT. Additionally, The Trippy Mandrills is also involved in Huge Collaborations. Active members of the Trippy Mandrills Club get to have their say in collaborations, too. As partnerships grow, they'll evolve into the first NFT platform, building NFTs for influencers, musicians, businesses, sports teams, and notable people.

About The Trip Mandrills: It is an emerging crypto platform powered by Ethereum. There are a limited number of presale NFTs for whitelisted buyers. They are aiming to allow minting for Trippy Mandrill NFTs on December 10. Interested crypto enthusiasts can view their Trippy Mandrill NFTs on Opensea and join their Discord to find out how to get whitelisted!

Contact Info:
Name: Chirag
Email: Send Email
Organization: Trippy Mandrills Club

Release ID: 89055264

Name: Chirag
Email: Send Email
Organization: Trippy Mandrills Club