Trigger Point Therapy in Suffolk County Uses Dry Needle Technique for Pain Management

Chronic pain issues can be treated with point specific Trigger Point Therapy

Spine & Sports Rehabilitation Pain Management is happy to announce the offering of Trigger Point Therapy. This treatment option is excellent for managing pain issues that cannot be easily manipulated or relieved through skin alone. Some nerves and muscle knots are deep under the skin and can be reduced through a safe, short procedure using dry needles at the site.

Injury, illness, stress is top precursors to trigger point issues. Repetitive activities that utilize the same muscles can produce normal wear and tear on joints and muscles. Lots of exercise and training tends to work the same muscles over and over again. When these muscles and spots become overworked or worn out, they become more prone to pain and injury. Trigger Point therapy targets these stressed areas to help resolve pain and stress at the point.

Muscle pain can be debilitating and cause chronic issues when not relieved. Trigger Point therapy works by targeting those points of pain and relieving them of their aches and cramps. These pains often contribute to neck or back pain which can be acutely sensitive. This procedure is used in connection with issues like tinnitus, migraines, sciatica, sports injuries, headaches, back pain, or osteoporosis to name a few examples.

Those currently suffering from forms of myofascial pain such as those coming from deep muscle tissue, tenderness, uncomfortable knots, inability to sleep then trigger point therapy in Suffolk County at Spine & Sports Rehabilitation may be a great option. Trigger therapy has the potential to help deal with other complications such as profound fatigue, fibromyalgia, obesity, depression, anxiety, or even nutritional deficiencies. These complications are associated with myofascial pain that may benefit from trigger point therapy.

Treatment includes the insertion of a small needle into the trigger point and usually takes a total of 15 minutes. The number of sessions will depend on the evaluation by the doctor but typically occur weekly or every two months when performed as maintenance. The delivery of medication with a dry needle to the trigger point site is expected to resolve muscles from spasming, increase adequate blood flow to the site, and reduce inflammation. Contact Spine & Sports Rehabilitation to get an evaluation and recommendation for treatment today.

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