Trident Anti Aging Announces Grand Opening

The Fort Lauderdale-based clinic offers a number of products designed to help with weight loss, nutrition, anti-aging and testosterone therapy. Solutions for men or women are available after an initial consultation.

Trident Anti Aging is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of their online store. For most men and women, it is important to fight the signs of aging. The Anti Aging formulas developed and distributed by Trident are customized to deal with precise problems and symptoms as needed by the patient. After a consultation with the professionals, the helpful formulas are provided for the patient. Symptoms of aging in men are different than those seen in women.

Testosterone Therapy Fort Lauderdale men receive can include solutions for a decline in Androgen or testosterone. The condition is known as low testosterone and commonly referred to as Low T. As men age, they experience Andropause. It is defined as the period of time during men's lives when testosterone declines. Some of the symptoms include fatigue, weakness, depression, fatigue, sexual problems, increase in abdominal fat, decreased libido/sexual performance, lower energy levels, sleep disturbance, and many others. The medical staff will provide customized HRT and testosterone therapy, leading to a myriad of positive results.

Hormone replacement for women is customized for their needs and goals. Again, it is preceded by a thorough consultation with the patient. The company offers Botox Fort Lauderdale treatments, the most popular of the anti-aging procedures available today. Botox is used in a myriad of procedures including migraines, muscle stiffness, and overactive bladder; but is best known for toning and smoothing of the skin.

According to the company spokesperson, “As we age our skin turns into a road map of our life. Frown lines appear on our foreheads, crow’s feet grow next to our eyes, deep furrows appear between our eyebrows. Botox will soften these lines by creating a temporary loss of muscle tone in the areas injected. The effects of Botox injections will be seen in as little as 2 – 5 days but may take upwards of two weeks to achieve their full effect. The effects of Botox last an average of 3 – 4 months.

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