Trend Gaining Momentum in 2016: The Side Hustle

Entrepreneur Kristi Smith urges women to create a life they adore, capitalizing on opportunities through the side hustle of independent entrepreneurship.

As the ability for people to connect all over the globe has become increasingly easier over the years, the rising trend in 2016 now dubbed the ‘side hustle’ has become a fast growing business opportunity empowering people to live their dreams. This trend has created a rising group of independent entrepreneurs who are able to work on their own time, from the comfort of their own home and choose to do what they enjoy the most.

Side hustles such as on demand, side-gig, independent contract, freelance work are on the rise. Even in the traditional workforce this style is becoming more prevalent given the shift in workforce dynamics and people from all backgrounds are taking advantage of opportunities to diversify their portfolio. Millennials especially have engaged, proactively searching for options that will provide them the work-life balance they crave.

By 2020 approximately 100% of the estimated 7.8 billion people in the world will have access to the internet, as opposed to just 40% in 2014. This is a massive opportunity for the side hustler who is using the world of e-commerce because its expansion is exponential. This also means that there is an entire audience that is eager to see the types of solutions this entrepreneurial workforce has to offer.

It was Information like this that intrigued Kristi Smith, creator of and Executive Consultant with Rodan and Fields, to look into opportunities outside of her corporate position. “For me, the opportunity to build a business that has global reach, offering coveted solutions all around my schedule, was empowering. You can absolutely create a life that you adore on your terms. Whether you are a stay at home mom seeking part time income and something to call your own or you're a corporate executive looking to gain time freedom, financial authorities also agree that 'side-hustles' are more than a fad.” Kristi further shares that, “as with any venture that's worth your effort, your expectations can't be higher than your dedication to succeed.”

Via social media, the ability to connect and build a virtual empire is truly at your fingertips. Facebook dominates, followed by YouTube, Twitter, GooglePlus and Instagram. With Facebook’s plans for increasing their reach, the online entrepreneur and side hustler is set. Additionally, trends show that as consumers get smarter, their expected experience elevates. This bodes well for those entrepreneurs who have a finely tuned side hustle that focuses on personalized customer service.

For the past 20 years, Kristi Smith, MBA, SPHR, CMPE has successfully led teams in various industries. Coaching, leadership development and management are her forte. She has found these skills to be highly transferrable in her network marketing business as well. Understanding that life is a gift and living it full out by design is something that is within everyone’s power is a message that Kristi has felt compelled to live and share after walking through her own life threatening experience after the birth of her first child.

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