Tree Service Kingsport becomes Four Year Old’s Super Hero

Heroes without capes, masks or super powers.

Today, the public learns that all heroes do not wear super outfits and wield superhuman strength as Tree Service Kingsport comes to the rescue of a little four-year-old girl’s cat in Colonial Heights.

Every now and then cats are found hanging from trees, how they got there or why they are there? No one always has the answers to those questions. While this might be the sort of problem slightly athletic adults can handle, for a little four-year-old girl this can be as devastating as it comes. The Tree Service Kingsport experts stepped up to the plate to be the little girl’s hero as they intervened and helped haul the cat back to the eager grabs of the little owner. The little girl would go on to show impeccable manners with a word of gratitude towards the hero company, “Tree Service Kingsport saved the day”.

About Tree Service Kingsport
Tree Service Kingsport is rumored to be up there with the best tree care companies in Kingsport. Tree removal & trimming, brush & power line clearing, stump removal and response to emergency storm issues are all among the list of services the Kingsport Tree Service renders in Kingsport. The company boasts of having fully licensed and certified experienced experts in their ranks, well versed in delivering their services with respect to safety and in timely fashion too.

So, what sets the company apart from others? Here, “One thing that sets us apart from our competition is our commitment to educating our customers. When we teach our clients the proper techniques on tree maintenance, they are able to ensure the well-being and heath of their trees, allowing them to enjoy the beauty and fruit of their trees for years and years to come”. The statement from the company’s website will go a long way to calm the nerves of prospective clients.
Saving trees and little girl’s cats? Surely, there will be a place in the hearts of the public for the Kingsport Tree Service.

Contact Info:
Name: Jim Jordan
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Organization: Tree Service Kingsport
Address: 609 Boone St Kingsport TN 37660

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