Tree of Fitness Launches New Site With Inspiration And Insight In Fitness And More

Tree of Fitness offers insight and inspiration in nutrition, fitness, yoga and gym equipment. The website is newly launched, with educational and informational elements.

Tree of Fitness is pleased to announce the recent launch of a new website and blog which gives industry-leading insight and inspiration in fitness, nutrition, yoga, and gym equipment. The site combines descriptions of various specific elements which fall under the general categories. The articles are coupled with pictures to portray better the items explained in the descriptions.

An example of the articles which are currently available on the website are descriptions of some major gym chains. Two of these are Anytime Fitness and LA Fitness. The basic facts about each chain are presented in a narrative form, rather than in boring charts. There is enough information about each national chain that those people who have an option can make an informed decision about which gym would fit the particular needs better.

Another major category covered in the articles on the website is Yoga. Articles on some of the various types of yoga are presented in individual blogs. An overview of the topic is given in one blog, which is entitled "Yoga – The Mental, Physical and Spiritual Benefits (An Easy Guide)." Another article presents a description of Bikram Yoga. A history of this type of yoga and its benefits will provide information to those who are considering taking up the practice of the activity.

Specific fitness equipment descriptions is another category which is discussed in the articles. One recent example is elliptical trainers. Unlike many of the review and ranking sites. The articles do not serve simply as a link to a sales site. No specific brands or models are listed or ranks. The author of the article does, however, provide tips on how to make a good selection when purchasing a trainer. Exercise bikes are the subject of another equipment article.

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