Traverse City Chiropractor Offers ART Technique

Traverse City chiropractor, Dr. Caleb Halulko offers active release technique to area patients. He is the only professional in the area with an ART certification.

Traverse City chiropractor, Dr. Caleb Halulko, owner of the River of Life Chiropractic and Wellness center offers the active release technique (ART) to residents of northern Michigan. Dr. Halulko is a relatively new chiropractor in the city. He works alongside Onthank Chiropractic, which is one of Traverse City's oldest and most respected chiropractic centers. Dr. Halulko is the only practitioner in the area who holds certification in ART. The technique is helpful for people who have desk jobs, athletes and factory workers. ART helps the muscles to flex, making the bone adjustments to be more effective.

Dr. Halulko offers patient-centered care for patients in chronic or acute pain, including headaches or joint pain. He can also assist with digestive problems, including assisting with weight loss management and overall health improvement. Athletes who have been injured are helped to recovery. The doctor may also provide suggestions for athletes who want to boost performance.

The Traverse City chiropractor has experience in all age groups and conditions. He is able to treat infants, senior citizens, and athletes. He also is well-versed in the use of clinical nutrition to assist the body to improve health and promote healing. The goal of the doctor is to relieve pain, but also to provide the patient with tools which are necessary to live life fully. A more active lifestyle is linked to healthy living.

Patients who are in pain are unable to live life to the fullest. The pain brings them to consult with the doctor. The review of the symptoms allows the doctor to identify a full plan of holistic care. Each patient's care is approached individually. The techniques which may be included are adjustments, soft tissue therapy, nutritional support and rehabilitative exercises and stretches. The holistic approach incorporates all natural and non-invasive techniques. No drugs are utilized in the course of therapy.

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Name: Dr. Caleb Halulko
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Organization: Onthank Chiropractic
Address: 827 W Front St, Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: (231) 946-9246

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