Travel With Nene - Turning a Passion for Traveling and Helping Others Into a 6-figure Business

Anquanesha Ruteledge is a 26 year old nurse who has changed the game in her field - an adventurous personality who travels the world and teaches people who want to succeed in the healthcare industry

Changing the game in her field, this 26-year old nurse from Florida is bringing with her the passion for caring for people as she hops on an adventure while teaching people wanting to succeed in the healthcare industry. Anquanesha Rutledge has been in the healthcare industry since 2012. She started as a resident aide, then worked her way to be a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and licensed practical nurse (LPN). Now, she’s in a bridge program to become a registered nurse (RN) all the while working on her business. 

She founded Humblewithlove in 2018 and has helped several practitioners pass their CNA exams. She has designed several courses delivered in a laboratory setting to help her students not just focus on theories but also practice skills for real-life situations. Apart from her CNA courses, she also teaches topics on medical technology (MedTech) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Knowing that she never wanted to work for anyone, she started hustling her way to establish her business which has turned out to be a success.

She’s been traveling on assignment for the last two years while working on her business. Being on a mission made her realize that the world is really in need of medical practitioners and that’s when she ventured into this consulting business. She aims to help more people get trained and certified. That way, more people can contribute to communities needing healthcare assistance. 

For two consistent years, Anquanesha has grown her consulting business and has helped over 100 CNAs. She’s not the typical coach who just teaches theoretical topics that can be read on the internet. She ensures that her students know those theories by heart and can use them in real-life situations. Her students can attest to what she has to offer during her classes. She’s willing to tell the secrets that only those with years of experience in the field would know.

In her travels, she started travelnursenene on Instagram without paying attention to how many people were following her journey. She has received inquiries from people wanting to start traveling but does not know how. So, she published a guidebook about the basics of traveling while also doing consulting gigs, helping the same people not only travel for leisure but also secure top travel contracts with brands that can sponsor their travels.

Travel assignments opened up different opportunities for Anquanesha. Her entrepreneurial journey as a working professional is inspiring people to go beyond their stations, go out there and reach out their hands to the community. While still working on her endeavors to be a certified RN, her contributions had already been remarkable. To continue what she started, she committed herself to do mission trips once a year to give back to all the blessings she’s been receiving. In her blog, she will share stories about what it’s like to be a nurse on the run to keep inspiring people and hopefully join the movement. 

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