Transform Your Security With CVT Face A+ Face Recognition

Technology has transformed the way we live, enhancing how we interact and engage with the world around us. Since 2015, Creative Value Technology (CVT) has been providing cutting-edge facial recognition solutions to clients across the globe. The ground-breaking Face A+ face recognition and authentication solutions offer the ultimate in convenience and security.

Founded by a team of passionate experts in security and facial recognition technology, CVT has been striving to make life simpler and securer for individuals around the world. Their enterprise-level high-security systems are transforming how businesses and homeowners protect their property. It is this success that has seen them attract significant investment from major corporations and become the leading supplier of facial recognition solutions in Korea and beyond.

With a wide range of products available, it is the Face A+ recognition and authentication solution that remains one of the most popular. This highly powerful product is able to provide a comprehensive array of features, including access control, time and attendance management, and meal payment, by authenticating the unique and distinctive features of an individual’s face.

Unlike other recognition software on the market that is network or server-based, Face A+ is a completely standalone system. This means that the CVT solution is the securest on the market, ensuring that it will continue to operate even if the network goes down due to a disaster or emergency.

The innovative recognition software utilizes deep learning algorithms that allow it to detect even the most subtle of changes in an individual’s face, with an accuracy higher than 99.9%. These changes occur naturally over time, but Face A+ will continue to recognize each person, using real-time processing and full HD images to ensure maximum accuracy.

To ensure the device is able to operate 24 hours a day, the Face A+ comes equipped with a smart infrared ray sensor that guarantees high performance even in dark and low light conditions. To ensure all information remains secure, the data is fully encrypted. Unlike fingerprint recognition software, the CVT Face A+ solution requires no physical contact guaranteeing the most hygienic and convenient solution possible. There is also no risk of tag loss with a facial recognition product.

The unique device also utilizes fake face detection technology, allowing it to detect spoofing and biometric fraud. To do this, the Face A+ device is able to distinguish an image or motion that is being mimicked by a photo or video.

This powerful and highly secure facial recognition product can be utilized for a wide range of solutions. For example, it could be used as a complete solution that recognizes a user’s face, calls the elevator, and then guides them to the destination floor. It could also be used to allow visitors to a property to self-register, removing the need for them to go to an information desk. Next year, CVT will be launching a unique smart home solution that will allow the Face A+ technology to be used on residential properties, connecting directly to an individual’s mobile phone.

[Mara Moon, Manager] at Creative Value Technology added, “Technology has revolutionized the way we interact and engage with the world, and our Face A+ product is helping to transform security by providing highly accurate recognition. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best products possible for our customers, and we are continuously working to evolve and enhance our offering.”

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