Transcendence stands out in the recent global blockchain technology summit

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On June 20th, at the opening ceremony of the global blockchain technology summit held in Bangkok's Shangri La, Transcendence was the focus of the summit.

On June 20th, at the opening ceremony of the global blockchain technology summit held in Bangkok's Shangri La, Transcendence was the focus of the summit. The introduction of Transcendence at the summit was refreshing and received active discussions from guests attending.

Australia's Maoneng Group, following the major success of their solar photovoltaic projects in 2017, has successfully carried out various new projects.  Under the idea of sustainable development, the Mugga Lane Solar Park, a project initiated by the Transcendence platform, is developing in full swing and realizing " Creating more power and Sharing more profit" in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation.

As one of Australia's earliest utility scale solar farm developer, Maoneng group has 10 years of experience in new energy development.  The grand appearance of the Transcendence platform will overturn people's traditional understanding of the solar energy industry.  Transcendence 's continuous investment in the solar energy field will realize a global massive leap-forward in the whole industry. 

According to Qiao Co-founder and CEO of Transcendence, as a collaborative infrastructure development platform with a large number user community for sustainable development, Transcendence will challenge the current centralized model.  This will revolutionize the traditional high-risk and high-return business model, on the basis of creating confidence, providing platform participants with a fair and collaborative model.

Under the momentum of vigorous development, the Transcendence platform will also launch an all-round offensive on the key areas of " sharing". The Transcendence team devote themselves to their " vision + mission".  A platform with soul is inseparable from the spirit of craftsmen of the times.  The vision is to create a community owned Solar farms utilizing the platform in the pursuit of excellence and creativity - Transcendence. The craftsman spirit of dedication, preciseness, lean, focus and innovation is the best synonym for trans.

Take Mugga lane Solar Park as an example. During the process of development, participants include city planners, power grid operators, energy market operators, technical supervision agencies, designers and other professionals.  According to Qiao, through geographic information systems, the greatest degree of matching has been achieved in the selection of specific plots,  engineers, estimators, bidding teams and finance teams carried out rigorous design and construction coordinating.  Network operation engineers are continuously observing the operating state of solar farms.  The transparency and professionalism of the company's development process have not wasted through efforts of many professional craftsmen – Currently is perfect timing to build sustainable infrastructure in Australia and beyond!

TSD " Airdrops "

As a high-quality collaboration investment service platform, Transcendence integrates blockchain technology into digital cash reward benefits in the process of providing professional knowledge, standardization scheme and connection capital.

On the Transcendence platform, participants can participate in the blockchain project through " bidding", i.e. initiate projects while providing services and ideas to obtain funds in the Transcendence platform.  The value of the margin held by participating bidders will be shared by the project initiators and project sponsors.  After the project is successfully completed, the platform will return the full amount to the sponsor. If the project fails to achieve the expected performance, this part of the bonds will be destroyed.

At present, there are two kinds of tokens on the Transcendence platform: Tier - 1 TSD token and tier - 2 TSD - IFR token allowing exchange of services and redemption of other currencies. 

The Transcendence platform will create digital standard intelligent contracts for infrastructure assets to ensure the rights and interests of all holders.  It will effectively guide the development of the project and benefit more community partners.

Under the Transcendence platform, the token has already been designed to be very dynamic, and the utility cases will only grow as the system grows.  Emerson once said that people like to hunt strange things. This is the seed of science.  Transcendence not only uses innovative technology, but aims to satisfy one's desire by planting a seed for the future in a down-to-earth way.

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Transcendence platform will link up finance and economics and will “Airdrop” high-value TSD to all readers.

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