TraceTM Helps Minnesota School Streamline IT Asset Management

Trace Technology Management helped local Minnesota school board generate thousands in savings by maximizing their IT assets value and augmenting security measures. TraceTM replaces aging equipment of management and recovery solutions with up to date IT assets at a lower cost.

Trace Technology Management recently announced that its IT asset management for schools program has helped a Minnesota School streamline and simplify asset management activities, generate thousands of dollars in asset recovery, and boost data security. The School is one of four schools already helped this year by TraceTM’s program, which is driven by the company’s Innovative Value Analysis Network (IVAN) solution. Altogether, TraceTM’s new IT asset management program for schools has generated more than USD $5 million in asset recovery.

The impact of TraceTM’s IT asset management program exceeded the School’s expectations. In addition to helping it stay within budget, the new program helped the school know when to pay off existing leases, put newer technology in students' hands, and track the status of assets in real time without having to increase staff—all critical IT asset management functions.

“Educational institutions at all levels are adopting technology at an increasingly rapid pace,” says Nick Ostendorf, Director of Sales, Trace Management Technology. “Computers and tablets enhance coursework and increase student participation. With so many devices in use throughout a school, monitoring their whereabouts and tracking their status, productivity, and value is a challenge. Our new IT asset management program for schools helps administrators beat this challenge.”

TraceTM’s proprietary IVAN solution was the key to the Minnesota School’s asset recovery program. IVAN helped the school:

1. Understand the value of assets it plans on retiring (by assessing the asset’s value if turned in and its value if kept)

2. Do a predictive value analysis on assets the school plans on purchasing, helps the school determine what assets to buy and what assets will better retain their value

3. Determine the value of existing assets, what assets to refresh and when, and when to purchase new assets

4. Create a portal account so it could search inventory in real time for a specific asset tag number to determine its status and location.

5. Search the portal for completed devices and full descriptions of any asset damage so they can assess fines

6. Confirm the wiping of hard drives from all devices, eliminating any information that could be tied back to the school

Introduced in 2015, TraceTM's IVAN solution gives users complete insight into the true value of their IT assets. When combined with a user’s IT asset management software, IVAN provides an overview of the costs for every asset in a user’s infrastructure library, including the asset’s initial cost and its ongoing costs.

IVAN also helps users determine assets' marketplace values, their value to the user’s core business operations, their replacement costs if lost, and their operational and productivity benefits. IVAN even helps users determine when assets have outlived their usefulness.

Savvy organizations use the information provided by IVAN to create accurate budgets and financial plans based on the lifecycle of their assets. They also use IVAN to determine the true value they could receive in asset recovery from all their IT assets.

About TraceTM

Trace Technology Management (TraceTM) offers easy to use sustainable IT solutions that protect and maximize clients’ technology assets. Founded in 2015, TraceTM helps educational institutions, healthcare facilities, data centers, and financial organizations streamline and simplify IT asset management and disposition while boosting data security management. Key solutions include its cloud-based TRACEability system plug-in and its Innovative Value Analysis Network (IVAN) solution. TraceTM is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

For more information about TraceTM’s IT asset management program for schools, visit our website or contact Trace Technology Management, 7600 West 27th Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55426. Telephone: +1 952-204-7193. Email: info@tracetm

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