Tozex - facilitating the token-based economy with innovative solutions.

Tozex is a financing platform that combines a token issuance module “Tokenpad”, allowing it to launch a token-based crowdfunding campaign (ICO, STO, and BRO) with an embedded crypto asset marketplace.

Tozex is a financing platform that combines a token issuance module “Tokenpad”, allowing it to launch a token-based crowdfunding campaign (ICO, STO, and BRO) with an embedded crypto asset marketplace.

TOZEX brings a reliable, transparent and user-friendly platform design to provide a unique gateway for token issuance, financing & trading. Management of all the phases of the token life cycle in one place creates a very efficient ecosystem that aligns the interest of all the stakeholders of this new token-based economy area. TOZEX aims to protect the interests of token issuers, investors, and traders by creating an innovative entire ecosystem.

Tozex Goals

TOZEX platform aims to deeply improve the process of issuing, financing, and trading tokens by bringing liquidity. Indeed, TOZEX allows entrepreneurs who used the TokenPad for the token issuance to list quickly and efficiently the token on the platform.

TOZEX will create a sustainable secondary market and improve the trading experience with the integration of an auditable decentralized order book to avoid market manipulation and a liquidity management mechanism to match with asks & bids orders.

Tozex Brings Liquidity

TOZEX aims to improve crypto assets liquidity because it encourages the widespread adoption of crypto assets from the belief that the market deserves a safer and more efficient exchange to facilitate trades between consumers within the network. Presently, a lot of crypto assets traders have to place their faith and trust in a centralized exchange.

TOZEX Reserve has several advantages with the combination of a decentralized stochastic order book. The TOZEX Reserve will be managed with smart contract capabilities; automated trigger point rules with a distributed governance mechanism to avoid as much as possible any manipulation.

TOZEX Reserve is a set of Multisignature smart contracts deployed for each crypto asset listed on the platform. Each project owner can enable this option by providing an amount of his crypto asset to the TOZEX Reserve. Once the reserve is created the project owner will provide his public key to take part in the governance of the reserve.

Agnostic Blockchain Solution

Our platform is a blockchain agnostic solution for our users to choose the most suitable blockchain network of their choice (Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, RSK, Credits) depending on their use cases (Finance, Art, Music, Supply chain ...).

Tozex has been designed to facilitate the tokenization of our current economy and aims to protect the interests of entrepreneurs, investors, and traders.

Tozex Fundraising Methods

Entrepreneurs will have the possibility to select the most suitable fundraising methods for financing their project between ICO, STO, or BRO. They will be able to manage the fundraising campaign through a dedicated dashboard in accordance with the specificity of the chosen fundraising method. TOZEX platform will create a sustainable primary and secondary market to unlock the value of the token at each step of its life cycle. Efficient token life cycle management is the key to success.

Believers Reward Offering

TOZEX has developed the Believers Reward Offering (BRO), a new crowdfunding facility that allows a company to finance its development by borrowing crypto assets (stablecoins) from contributors around the world. The contributors will receive the payment of interest in the form of tokens to which is added the payment of a bonus of confidence in the development of the project.

All the conditions of the crowdlending are specified transparently into the smart contract linked to the BRO’s financing operation, it guarantees the performance of the deal. No place for bad faith.

Tozex Features

Smart Contract
Our platform uses the power of smart contracts as a trustful third party to manage the issuance of tokens (utility, payment, or securities) maintained by an open-source library. The decentralized exchange order book managing bids and tasks being publicly auditable by anyone avoiding opacity and market manipulation.

The user interface is designed to be friendly to improve user experience without neglected security. Our trading & issuing token's functionalities are developed to facilitate the interaction of our users with the current crypto-asset ecosystem

One of the main characteristics of blockchain is to bring transparency among stakeholders (regulators, companies, investors, traders ...). Moreover, the vote of our community is an important fact to list a new crypto asset on our platform after internal due diligence.

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