Totem - a DeFi infrastructure platform for cross-chain trading

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Totem is a decentralized financial infrastructure platform for cross-chain trading of DeFi products and financial derivatives. You will know what the Totem Network and their features are.

Totem is a decentralized financial infrastructure platform for cross-chain trading of DeFi products and financial derivatives.

Totem aims to build a distributed financial infrastructure platform for digital assets and make blockchain technology and digital asset applications more widely accepted.

Totem Chain adopts a general-purpose blockchain that simplifies the process of building secure blockchain applications and allows developers to easily start building their own chains.

Totem offers a variety of readily available modules for consensus, P2P network governance (voting system), staking, authentication, etc.

Totem Chain is scalable and upgradable, supports heterogeneous slicing and it also features transparent governance and cross-chain composability.

Totem Network Distinctive Features

Heterogeneity - Each chain in the Totem Network can be optimized for a particular scene rather than mandatorily adapting one unified model.

Scalability - Totem allows for the parallel processing of multiple transactions by bridging multiple dedicated chains to a sliced network.

Upgradability - Upgrading is made without forks in Totem’s transparent on-chain governance system.

Transparent governance - All TOT holders can propose changes to protocols or vote on existing proposals, and can also elect board members in the Totem governance system.

Cross-chain composability - Totem's cross-chain composability and messaging mechanism allow for communication, exchange of value, and sharing functions in a sliced network.

Exceptional consensus mechanism. Totem Chain’s consensus mechanism realizes decoupled consensus and also increases reliability and consensus consistency across the entire network by separating the process of generating blocks on the chain from confirming the end state.

Open Protocols. The decentralized and peer-to-peer open financial system is user-friendly, secure, and open, as opposed to traditional financial service providers. Even low-income communities that have traditionally been excluded from the financial system can participate in and benefit from it.

Totem’s DeFi System Benefits

Programmability. The ability to use smart contracts allows you to program the fulfillment of all transaction conditions and generate new financial instruments and assets.

Safety. DeFi application data is capable of being stored on hundreds and thousands of different nodes, which prevents hackers from attacking or compromising the system in order to gain control over the data. In addition, no single node in the DeFi system is able to harm the entire network, which tells us that the distribution of data storage and their confirmation occurs evenly among all network nodes.

Compatibility. The ability to share Ethereum protocols allows the various DeFi to interact with each other, which creates the opportunity for DeFi to emerge as a complete financial system.

Multi-Chain Architecture

Totem Chain has a multi-chain architecture supporting various assets. It consists of:

Standard Chain - guarantees security, consensus, and cross-chain operability.

Business Chain - meets specific financial business demands of various kinds. Such chains can have their own tokens and optimize functions for specific application scenarios.

EthBridge - allows Totem to be sliced to connect and communicate with external networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The Totem platform lays the foundation for new decentralized networks, provides infrastructure for digital currencies and digital asset-based financial applications, and provides support for new financial business models, services, organizations and the entire society and economic system.

Token Metrics and Mining Incentives for Totem

Dear Totem community, today we are more than happy to announce Token Metrics and Mining Incentives for Totem, which we hope will boost the growth of our global community and technology expanding.

The distribution ratio is 1% of the genesis allocation, 25% of ecosystem allocation, 5% of node rewards, 69% of pledged liquidity mining.

1% of the total amount of TOT tokens issued is the genesis allocation, a total of 190,000 tokens, which are evenly distributed to 19 nodes teams, each with 10,000 TOT tokens.

Early opening P1—P5.

30% of the pledge amount activates the mining machine, each mining machine has a 15-day production capacity, and the TOT tokens produced by the mining machine are freely traded.

Each pledge amount can add 1 mining machine per day, up to 15 units.

Each sell order is charged a 3% transaction fee, within the 3%, 2% will be burned, and 1% is used for the whole network holding reward.

The TOT token purchased by each account on the exchange can only be activated by the user. After 15 days, the pledged TOT token and the profitable TOT token can be traded, and the transaction needs to be forced to change hands.

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