TotDOT Launches Tips For Gender Reveal Ideas

totDOT, The Original Family Planning Indicator™ offers gender reveal ideas in the form of decals, pendants and others. The product line includes accessories to indicate the baby status.

Gender reveal ideas are revealed on a new website for a unique gift product opportunity. The product is called totDOT. It is a line of accessories to indicate baby status in a fun way. The original family planning indicator is suitable for every type of family planning stages. Singles, engaged, married, trying to have children, pregnant, not planning on children or done having kids can each be reflected in one of the colored accessories.

According to the creator, “A close friend was having difficulty conceiving, but very much wanted a child. As her close-knit friends, we wanted to support her emotionally, but did not want to upset her if she didn't wish to talk about progress. We wanted some type of symbol to let us know her progress without questioning her endlessly, if she wasn't ready to talk about it. totDOT was the answer for both of us.”

The original family planning indicator is appropriate for preventing inquiries from snoopy relatives, avoids awkwardness and even shares good news. The color of the bead which is worn announces the family planning status without a word being spoken. The purple DOT means that the woman may have a baby one day, but not yet. The switch to a yellow dot is an indication that the couple is trying, but is not yet expecting. Switching to a green DOT is an announcement that the baby is on the way.

A blue DOT indicates that a boy is on the way, and a pink DOT reflects that a girl is expected. The white DOT shows that the woman is “fulfilled” and no more children are expected.

Some of the ways to display the announcement dots are bracelet charms, pendants or a purse clip. Items from the product line are a fun and unique idea for weddings, showers and engagement gifts.

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