TotalLegal Highlighting the Benefits of Incorporating AI in Legal Services

AI, known also as machine intelligence, inevitably ranks among the top trends in virtually any industry.

There is something about the peace of mind of meeting with a legal representative up close and in person to feel that one’s affairs are straightened out properly and with a personalized touch. However, the world of artificial intelligence is opening new doors, allowing legal providers the ability to help more customers than ever before, and even with less human error than when someone goes to a professional for help. TotalLegal says they are hopeful for the future of using AI because of the way it will revolutionize the speed and manner in which legal documents can be produced. Computerization may have sparked the revolution, but it is complex software and artificial intelligence (AI) that are shaping the future of most industries. Legal services are no exception and while doom-and-gloom scenarios overlap the narrative, the focus is actually on positive change and the ability of professional fields to adapt, according to legal documents creation platform TotalLegal.

AI, known also as machine intelligence, inevitably ranks among the top trends in virtually any industry, typically occupying a very prominent place on the list. Along with mobile and cloud applications, it is asserting itself as a hugely disruptive force and the legal profession is paying attention. The industry is exploring various-use cases for AI while attempting to foresee what impact it will have on the human side of the business. Some believe it has enormous potential to transform current analytics capabilities, elevating them from merely descriptive to predictive. AI-based systems could also drive service improvement and cost reduction by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. These include conducting research, providing administrative assistance, preparing and reviewing documents, performing due diligence, ensuring compliance, and enhancing cybersecurity.

The march of AI has sparked fears that technology will render lawyers obsolete, just as medical professionals wonder whether machines and sophisticated software are spelling the end for them, TotalLegal notes. However, there are those who assert that technology may indeed eradicate some legal jobs, but it will create new ones and transform the way services are provided. Richard Susskind, a law professor and a renowned legal futurist, has authored two books on the subject. One of them envisions lawyers moving in a world of online courts, a global legal business underpinned by AI, liberalized markets, commoditization, outsourcing, internet-based simulated practice, and new legal jobs in which software and law intersect. In the second one, written in collaboration with his son, Susskind talks about a forthcoming “decomposition, the breaking down of professional work into its component parts. Some of these parts will still require expert trusted advisers acting in traditional ways. But many other parts will be standardized or systematized or made available with online service…It will be people working in the legal sector but offering legal services and legal help in new ways.”

Since its launch in 2000, TotalLegal has been helping people to create more than one million documents quickly, securely, and affordably. The company provides an online self-help platform where clients can instantly prepare customized legal documents such as wills, quitclaim deeds, powers of attorney, rental agreement, and LLC or incorporation forms. Its premium plan also includes free and discounted attorney services.

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