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If firms were to use machine learning the analytics would be able to save 70 percent of the expenditures involved in legal reviews.

From websites offering services online to help with everything from doing taxes to ending marriage, there is more of a need for companies to find ways to make their business available in the simplest and most convenient means possible for the average person. TotalLegal is making a big step towards this new wave in opening the process of legal services and affairs they offer online at a fraction of the price of going to see a legal expert in person. Following historic advances in virtualization and cloud security, the American Bar Association has laid out specific policies related to legal technology, and firms and consumers alike are realizing digital innovations hold tremendous potential for time and cost savings. The law experts from TotalLegal recently discussed several of the top trends that are transforming legal services across the country and world.

In most cases, there are boxes of client history, briefings, reports, testimony and other information that needs to be sorted through to find what is relevant. This meticulous research is one of the most tedious aspects of law and is responsible for a large percentage of billable hours. If firms were to use machine learning, LexisNexis DiscoveryIQ estimates that the analytics would be able to save 70 percent of the expenditures involved in legal reviews. This is already happening in the United Kingdom, where citizens can actually hire a robot lawyer as representation when fighting a parking ticket. Using artificial intelligence, the Do Not Pay application helps determine whether people have a case for not paying their fine. In its first few months of service, the app successfully overturned 3 million USD in parking tickets.

Online platforms like TotalLegal have also risen as alternatives to hiring a traditional lawyer for basic services. Many offer a wide range of services for affordable prices, making everything from patents and LLC formations to estate planning a simple and convenient process. In the same vein, brick and mortar firms are implementing more online chat and legal advice services onto their websites. By taking a smart and measured approach to tech adoption, the companies and clients of the legal industry are prepared to save a lot of time and money in the coming years.

On their sophisticated, easy to use website, TotalLegal allows customers to conveniently prepare customized legal documents at minimal expense. Founded on the belief that any individual can create their own high quality legal documents if they have access to the correct tools and facts, the company has successfully served over one million customers and continues to expand its market share. In addition to document preparation, the TotalLegal plan provides access to a suite of attorneys for a broad range of free and discounted legal services.

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