Total Money Magnetism Breakthrough - The Re-Awakening of the Mind from Poor Brain to Rich Brain

Total Money Magnetism: A journey of the neuroscience which taps the inborn money making abilities to a lifetime of wealth by a multi-millionaire himself, Dr. Steve G. Jones!

The Total Money Magnetism is a guide which reveals the six-step process to a future of 100% financial freedom! All the dreams can now turn into a reality as Dr. Steve G. Jones unfolds the secret to his own money-making success!

Total Money Magnetism carries the tried and tested six step formula that tends to de-program the thinking process of the brain by means of tapping the wealth part with six easy-to-do steps. These steps are a proven success as Dr. Steve G. Jones has applied in his life. And today he is one of multi-millionaire himself and is seen interviewed on Forbes Magazine, CNN News, Fox News, CBS and many others.

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Dr. Steve G. Jones discovered that it is the innate characteristic of human brain to get whatever it likes with the thought process it forms, it then sends the vibrations to the Universe and hence things start to change accordingly. Since our brains are conditioned to think that only a certain class can get the key to become a multi-millionaire, it becomes hopeless and finds all excuses to comfort itself with this thought.

Dr. Steve named it a ‘Poor Brain’. Dr. Steve says that the same brain does possess some inborn qualities and abilities to something more empowering and powerful, and it can function only when it is tapped. It can do wonders and can turn the tables so much as the will power of the mind allows. He named this part as the ‘Rich Brain’ and ensured that every human brain possesses it no matter what age or financial status he or she is in. After countless number of research and tests on different people of varying status, Dr. Steve along with his team formulated six steps to tap this powerful part of the brain he named as the ‘Rich Brain’.

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The brain which paves the roadway to success and wealth and everything one desires to have in life that includes some sort of financial requirements. It starts making such ideas and forms such skills that weren’t even known before. And that is just because it wasn’t tapped this way before. This happens because the mental blocks that hinder the wealth to arise is dissolved and new ideas floats with unlimited motivation and creativity.

Dr. Steve ensures a 100% guarantee that by following these simple steps the financial life will boom with unbelievable results with sources one don’t even count on. These simple steps are tried and clinically proven and witnesses a hundred people making money from various backgrounds.

This powerful handbook is simple, easy-to-do and quickest way to wealth and richness. It not only helps possess but also amplifies the flow of wealth. It may start working small, by say a bonus or a pay rise. But once flicked it overhauls the financial set up with unbelievable miracles.

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Dr. Steve believes that a Rich Brain not only thinks rich but it knows that no matter what career or money-making endeavour one takes, it WILL bring money and successful results. It doesn’t lessen its spirits by doubts or fears. Instead, it is 100% sure it will bring results.

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