Tortoise & Hare Software Helps Local IT Companies Adjust To Ongoing Pandemic Restrictions And Improve Their Online Marketing

Tortoise & Hare Software, a B2B tech digital marketing agency, is offering to help local IT companies keep afloat in the ongoing pandemic by helping them reach and keep more customers via online marketing.

Helping the local community and IT companies nationwide, the online marketing and web development team at Tortoise & Hare Software is offering to help local IT providers. By helping to improve their search engine marketing strategies, this team may be able to help them gain new customers that have been hard to find as a result of the pandemic.

With experience in all manners of digital marketing, including advertising, SEO, content marketing, web analytics, and more, Tortoise & Hare is aiming to give back to the local IT company industry. While many local companies have been able to weather the restrictions and loss of new business by coasting on existing customers, many IT providers find that without trade shows and in-person events to generate clients, the pandemic has started to cause a real crisis.

Since the pandemic has continued to linger on and trade shows still aren't back in full force, and likely won't be back anytime in the near future, many IT service providers that have relied on them are starting to struggle with replacing customers that have gone out of business or otherwise been lost.

Tortoise & Hare has been helping local IT companies transition to online marketing and get started with taking advantage of digital advertising. They have been able to help one local IT company more than double in size throughout the pandemic and have helped several other companies experience significant growth using a combination of new websites, pay-per-click advertising, and SEO.

Without the in-person events that many IT providers have been relying on, digital marketing and an increased focus on reaching an audience online are becoming the most reliable option for those businesses that need to generate new business. Search engine optimization can greatly help increase the visibility of businesses, making them more likely to be found by those who are searching for them. Effective advertising can more directly put an IT brand in front of those demographics most likely to want to hire them. Content marketing and web analytics can make sure that a business website is sharpened and optimized to convert new customers.

Tortoise & Hare Software is a digital marketing and web development company that has specific experience in working with technical founders and IT industry specialists. They work primarily with technology companies, such as SaaS, MSPs, CSPs, MSSPs, ISVs, VARs, Cybersecurity firms, and other technology service providers to craft and execute digital strategies that drive their business forward

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