Tornado Shelter Appears on New Netflix Hit Series

Leading innovative, safety product makes appearance on new hit television series by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

The fear of spring and summer storms are on the minds of families all across the United States. While the tornado season is off to a relatively calm start, a hit new Netflix series entitled “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” brings a tornado shelter into millions of homes spanning across the globe. As tornado season has already claimed the lives of a few residents in the southern part of the country, the appearance of the underground tornado shelter on the hit new series, can be viewed as a friendly reminder that the threat of inclement storms and tornadoes is not too far away.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” premiered earlier this month on the streaming service Netflix. It was viewed by many critics and publications as an instant hit, amidst glowing reviews for the show. The show’s creators, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock fame join forces to create another hilariously funny comedy.

The show stars Ellie Kemper (The Office, 21 Jump Street, Bridesmaids), Jane Krakowski (Ally McBeal, 30 Rock), and Tituss Burgess (30 Rock, You Must Be Joking). The entire first season of the show is available to stream currently on Netflix. The show has already been signed on for a second season.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” also employs a ‘viral’ theme song for the show, as it features the wildly popular team at “Songify This” to turn a witness interview from the premiere episode into the opening theme song for the show.

The tornado shelter from the premiere episode and opening credits is the highly lauded Granger ISS In-Ground Safety Shelter. Granger Plastics, an industry leading rotational molding company has been manufacturing underground tornado shelters for over 20 years now. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelters meet or exceed all applicable ICC building codes that apply to the underground shelter.

The Granger ISS is a seamless, rotationally molded unit consisting of a double-walled construction and foam filled which allows for superior strength and reduced or eliminated condensation. Because of the unit’s innovative design and foam filled construction, the unit can be installed virtually anywhere and does not require an additional anchoring system and installs in as little as 4 hours.

Granger Plastics holds a quality control certification issued by the Federal Aviation Administration which forces strict adherences to the highest quality standards. Granger Plastics provides a number of rotationally molded safety solutions to a wide variety of industries including Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing and so much more.

Granger Plastics specializes in custom designed products that require excellent design. A world renown rotational molding leader and in business for over two decades, Granger Plastics has never seen a greater interest in safety products including the Granger ISS – In-ground Tornado Shelter. To learn more about the Granger ISS please visit or contact at 513-424-1955.

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