Tornado Launches To Offer Speedy, Free Alternative For Effective Torrent Searches

The new search engine aims to provide unparalleled service for peer to peer sharing niche by specializing its algorithms around the culture of torrent file sharing.

Torrent files are an immensely popular but incredibly short lived means by which users can share data amongst one another by subscribing to the torrent system to download files from multiple versions of the same file held by different users. This creates both opportunity and difficulty, but Tornado has recently launched a utorrent search engine that should remove much of the difficulty for users searching for files.

Tornado is a meta-search search engine for torrent files which aggregates search results from all the major torrent sites. These files are bit-torrent protocols used for transferring files between personal computers without the need for a central server. Files are divided into small parts which are re-assembled from multiple sources on the downloader’s computer to form a copy of the original drawn from many different sources.

Tornado indexes the most popular torrent tracker sites and instantly updates with the newest torrent releases, adding them to its database so that users can quickly find and use them to download files.

Before now, it has been difficult for people searching for torrents to do through traditional search engines like Google, which tend to be slow in updating their popular results and too slow in eliminating out of date information, making finding the right file difficult. The Tornado algorithm scans torrent meta-data for name, content and size so that users are assured they are always going to find only the relevant information, as well as providing a view of the seeders and leechers of torrent files, which impacts the download speed.

A spokesperson for Tornado explained, “The culture of torrent sharing is wildly different to how much of the rest of the internet works, so while existing search engines have been optimized to do a great job for people searching the rest of the internet, they still fall frustratingly short when it comes to torrent files, which have a very short shelf life despite an incredibly rapid growth after they are initially added to the web. The speed and variation of torrent traffic catches most search engines off guard, but ours specially equipped to deal with this kind of file and help connect users to one another easily and without fuss.”

About Tornado: Tornado is a free meta-search engine and offers fast and convenient torrent search. Tornado indexes all categories of most popular torrent trackers for newest torrents.

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