Announces Its Recommended Professionals for the Week of 2/26/14, a service that accepts recommendations for outstanding business professionals worldwide, announces its top recommended professionals for the week of February 26, 2014.

TTP recognizes Nick Nichols as a top-tier professional in pre-qualified sales lead generation.

“If you want to sell on your terms at prices you want to charge, you need to stop fighting for the 10% of your target market that’s the 'low-hanging fruit' and go after the 60% that your competition is largely ignoring. It’s all about using value-based education marketing to attract, engage and convert pre-qualified prospects into long-term buyers.”

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TTP recognizes Debbie Murray as a top-tier professional in Dallas luxury real estate.

“It is definitely true that supply and demand controls a market and the Dallas real estate market is no exception. Now is the best time to sell a Dallas-area home because there is less inventory and in many cases, multiple buyers competing for a home, especially homes in popular areas or in accredited school districts. As a buyer, don't wait to buy. You may pay more, later. Be pre-approved with no home to sell as a contingency, or be a cash buyer to improve your chances of having your offer accepted.”

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TTP recognizes Dr. George Bobbitt, DC, as a top-tier professional in chiropractic care in the Mansfield-South Arlington, TX area.

“Many people don’t realize that there are a lot of issues that happen to the muscles, bones, tissues and joints just through everyday life that can be treated with chiropractic care. In addition, chiropractic care can also repair injuries from falls, slips, trips and car accidents, as well as help restore function, range of motion, decrease pain, relieve pressure, and help the muscles.”

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TTP recognizes Steve Feuerbacher as a top-tier professional in customer service and telemarketing call centers.

“With more and more companies realizing that ‘the great offshoring experiment’ is not working because of language and cultural issues that can never be solved, they are moving their call centers back to the US. We have found a way to deliver customer service and telemarketing to US companies using people born and raised in the US for about the same cost as what offshore call centers were charging.”

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