Announces Top Performers for the week of June 19, 2020. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of June 19, 2020.

TRP recognizes Kendall Neff Publishing as a top professional self-publishing children's author.

“Kendall Neff Publishing offers spiritual, secular or educational projects in print, audio and video formats. Net proceeds support animal-related charities focusing on service and therapeutic animals, spay/neuter support, and no-kill shelters. Current project is Love Unleashed.”

For more information or to contact Kendall Neff Publishing visit

TRP recognizes Wanjira Kinuthia as a top professional in instructional design and educational technology.

“Home confinement during the pandemic has made many organizations aware that much of their education and training can be completed online – and this has lead to greater access and flexibility for learners and cheaper, and more scalable delivery models for the organizations.”

For more information or to contact Wanjira Kinuthia visit

TRP recognizes Desiree Silverstone as a top professional in developing emotional intelligence, self development and resilience in leaders and organizations.

“Neuroplasticity means that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Our brains change and form new networks throughout life. Neural networks are created by doing things repeatedly which becomes a habit or go-to behaviour. One can change these behaviours by repeatedly doing something different.”

For more information or to contact Desiree Silverstone visit

TRP recognizes Woof Wag Dogs as a top professional in bringing Dog & Mind together to build a stronger bond.

“We are excited to host our summer initiative, an online camp for children who are keen to develop a strong relationship with their dog through the use of force free training methods. Young people, worldwide, are taking part in the camp to become our new generation of positive dog handlers.”

For more information or to contact Woof Wag Dogs visit

TRP recognizes Gene Anderson as a top professional in creative management consulting.

“Your imagination determines what you create in life. Working with people who have a passion & a purpose, I have dissected, diagramed & illustrated the imagination to explain what it is & how it works to create your reality. I offer the understanding of how your imagination makes dreams come true.”

For more information or to contact Gene Anderson visit

TRP recognizes Markyia Nichols, MD aka DrKyia as a top professional in helping people to completely heal from the inside out!

“I believe that anything can be healed...and it starts from within. We must unearth the root causes of illness in order to accomplish TRUE healing and this is absolutely possible through addressing a person as a WHOLE being, mind, body, AND spirit! This is how I love to empower my clients.”

For more information or to contact Markyia Nichols, MD aka DrKyia visit

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