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TRP recognizes Chris Rowe as a top professional in Search Engine Optimization.

“Local businesses that optimize multiple web properties, videos and social media can gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Aiming for local search engine domination in Google is the single most important thing businesses can do to attract new customers.”

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TRP recognizes Dez Pillay as a top professional in Reputation Marketing.

“Positioning yourself as a Market Leader allows you to leverage your reputation to get more clients. We help you charge what you are worth, not what you think you can get.”

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TRP recognizes Jesse Anema as a top professional in Lead Generation and Conversion.

“Creating authority for yourself in your field is one of the most important things you can do to build trust with your prospects and clients. When you establish authority, show enthusiasm, and are knowledgeable about your product or service you create a win, win situation for you and your customer.”

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TRP recognizes Jamie Spear as a top professional in Online Marketing.

“Whatever type of business you're in, you must set yourself apart from the competition by positioning yourself as a leading authority. Media citation helps you achieve this by making you stand out from the crowd and differentiates you as an expert in your chosen field.”

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TRP recognizes Paul Chamberlain III as a top professional in Insurance for Jewelers & Marketing

“Business owners want more customers, sales, and profits but continue to fall short by choosing the wrong marketing tactics. Combining the right strategies with detailed digital marketing campaigns to attract and keep the customers they want will create huge opportunities for growth and profit.”

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TRP recognizes David Aditays as a top professional in Financial Services.

“The Wealthy don’t utilize IRAs and 401Ks, those methods are TAX TRAPS. They
leverage a program that will get Uncle Sam out of their pockets FOREVER! It's not only safe, offering principal protection, but it can be Tax Advantaged on the way in, and it's TAX FREE on the way out!”

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TRP recognizes Matej Ocepek as a top professional in Online Media.

“Matej is bestselling author and marketing expert serving individuals and companies who want a fresh approach to online promotions and branding. By making personal and 'on demand’ books, trainings, films, email campaigns and products, he’s using the power of crossmedia to tell life changing stories.”

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TRP recognizes Alex Kiziah as a top professional in Online Marketing & Authority Positioning.

“In such a competitive world, you absolutely have to position yourself as an authority figure in your area of expertise. Additionally, you need to leverage your authority in both your online marketing and offline engagements if you want to succeed.”

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TRP recognizes Dallas Paper & Packaging as a top professional in Entrepreneurship and Life Coaching.

“Over the last 29 years, we're the Premiere Source for operating supplies at a competitive price. We have everything you need to keep your office/business running smoothly, from ink & toner, to corrugated boxes & janitorial supplies. Have a special order or need it today? One call does it all! “

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TRP recognizes Niki Dealey as a top professional in Affordable Lead Generation Solutions and Book Publishing.

“Since 2005, I have successfully helped businesses succeed online creating millions of dollars in revenues! At Dealey Media, we bring those same strategies and expertise AFFORDABLY to small businesses. We're Internet Marketing EXPERTS, because RESULTS Matter, so why risk going anywhere else?”

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