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TRP recognizes Joseph Olbermann as a top professional in Renewable Energy.

“Recent legislation in California will spark new ideas in the development of energy storage technologies to insure that power is available to the electrical grid at all times. This will insure optimization of the grid, integration of renewable energy & the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

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TRP recognizes Cynthia Shelby-Lane as a top professional in Health & Medicine.

“Staying young, living longer and happiness is just what the doctor ordered. You’re guaranteed to have all three if your doctor is an anti-aging specialist and believes that “laughter is the best medicine”. That’s the specialist you want on your health care team.”

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TRP recognizes Linda Kempin as a top professional in LinkedIn Consulting to C-Suite Execs of High-Tech Cos & Professional Services Firms.

“Digital Marketing exec Linda Kempin highly recommends LinkedIn Company Pages for SMBs: “It’s the least expensive and quickest way to create an online presence, show up on Google, collect & display customer testimonials for each of your products, and access an audience of over 2½ MM professionals.”

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TRP recognizes Terri Bork as a top professional in Marketing.

“Drive More Sales, Dominate Your Market and Crush Your Competition. Terri Bork of Extreme Marketing Concepts helps authors, business owners and entrepreneurs with their Media Authority . Bork says To compete in today's world you need to stand out from the crowd so the hungry herd of buyers see you.”

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TRP recognizes Dr Stéphane Provencher as a top professional in Chiropractic and Holistic Health.

“Dr Stéphane Provencher C.C., recognized Holistic chiropractic physician and instructor/speaker, has been healing thousands of people Body + Mind + Spirit + Emotion for the past 7 years. His ability to present information & address the dis-ease/issues is so effective. Dr S is a genius of the body.”- J.K.L.

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TRP recognizes Catherine Maxwell as a top professional in Web Design & Online Marketing.

"Today, it's no longer enough to just build a website and hope they will come. To stand out in the crowd, you have to optimize, socialize, mobilize and monetize your site. Those that follow this simple 4-step formula are guaranteed success - no matter what industry they're in."

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TRP recognizes A.Lee Matthews as a top professional in Marketing and Advertising.

"Positioning yourself is the most important thing you can do in your business, you must see yourself as becoming an agent of change, a creator of value, and a value contributor. The best way to do this is to create trust and authority with a 5 star reputation through major media citations."

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TRP recognizes Carol Colman as a top professional in Personalized gifts.

“Carol's collages make the perfect gift when you want to give something very special and personal. I've given her collages to people celebrating their graduations, anniversaries and weddings when I want to give a particularly memorable and meaningful gift that you won't find anywhere else.” - B.A. Shapiro, New York Times bestselling author of "The Art Forger"

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TRP recognizes Richard Glover as a top professional in Real Estate Investing for Retirement and Income.

"The leverage you get from investing in Apartments, can guarantee a successful retirement. Painfully low CD rates, and the unstable stock market, can annihilate a person's savings, leaving little more than Social Security to live on. To accumulate significant wealth, you must acquire Real Estate!"

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