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TRP recognizes Janet Bruno MD as a top professional in Healthcare Marketing.

“Achieving optimal health and vibrancy, and effectively publicizing that solution to new patients and customers in a way that turns them into believers, is far easier than people imagine.”

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TRP recognizes Daniel Hall as a top professional in Digital Publishing.

“Digital Publishing is one of the fastest ways to build free standing profit centers in the world. Not only are Kindle and print on demand books easy and profitable but they also quickly build expert credibility and influence your niche.”

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TRP recognizes Zahida Khan as a top professional in Internet & Social Media Marketing.

“Today, if you wish to survive in business you need to develop a strategic marketing plan and over the year’s social media and mobile have become paramount in client attraction. If you're not employing: Smart, Social or Mobile into your Marketing Plans, then You Have Failed To Plan.”

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TRP recognizes Brian Richards as a top professional in Pet Business Marketing.

“Brian Richards of PetBiz Profits has issued a challenge to Pet Business Owners and Marketers, to “Get 100 New Customers in 100 Days”. This is a free webinar that covers irresistible offers, lead generation websites and traffic generation.”

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TRP recognizes Lawrence Hand as a top professional in Leadership Training and Marketing

“The difference between leadership and Effective Leadership is the difference between pushing a piece of string across the finish line and pulling it…both may get you there but only one wins the day.”

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TRP recognizes Joseph Riggio as a top professional in Coaching, Training and Mentoring.

“Then I discovered Joseph Riggio... Here are the words that struck me down, "When you stand in that sliver of space that is completely and utterly you, then will you be magnificent, awesome, wonderful" Through my work with Joseph as a personal mentor ... I learned to face myself and much more.”- Peta Heskell, the Flirt Coach

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TRP recognizes Eric Haaranen as a top professional in Online Lead Generation and Media Expert.

“Regardless of the size or type of a business, nothing is more important than generating a consistent flow of qualified, in-bound sales leads. While the proliferation of Internet usage across all demographics has definitely made things more competitive, the opportunity has never been greater.”

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TRP recognizes Richard Price as a top professional in Web Marketing.

“SEO is now SELF EXPRESSION OPTIMIZATION. Google will soon be able to read content as if human and together with many sources of metrics will be the basis for search results. Mr. Price began with the Internet in 1996 and is a Web marketing consultant and Palm Beach State College Adjunct Instructor.”

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TRP recognizes Bonnie Click as a top professional in General Business Administration.

“The more I see and hear from and about businesses, especially smaller ones, the more convinced I am that they face two major obstacles to their growth: being discovered in the first place, and being chosen over their competition. I can help them solve these two problems.”

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TRP recognizes Roque Lachica as a top professional in Digital Media Marketing.

“In reviewing over a thousand Google AdWords accounts with our mini-audits we’ve found that 91.37% of accounts have 'profit draining' leaks that are costing those companies in lost advertising reach, lost advertising capital and ultimately…lost profits. We plug the leaks so you pocket the profits.”

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