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TRP recognizes Melody Wilhelm as a top professional in marketing to mom and pop shops.

“The biggest mistake I see businesses make is not communicating with customers like they should. They're so busy chasing new clients that they forget the old. Your customers bought once, and they'll buy again if you treated them right. All you have to do is stay in contact and ask for the sale.”

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TRP recognizes Deejay O’Flaherty, author of How I got 10,000 Fans in 30 Days, as a top professional in turning around under-performing digital marketing programs.

“Being seen as an authority and creating that authority for yourself is the most critical thing you can do to increase your perceived value in the market place.”

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TRP recognizes Kiosk Warehouse a top professional in interactive displays.

“People in general want to touch and interact with everything they can possibly put there hands on today, Kiosk Warehouse has all of the touch screen technology business owners could want to use to engage their customers including custom software. We put touch screens everywhere including outside.”

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TRP recognizes The Successful Plumber as a top professional in helping small plumbing companies grow their business and become more recognizable in their marketplace.

“Utilizing yesterday's marketing methods will get you yesterday's results. Position yourself as a leader in your industry by using today's marketing methods. If you aren't marketing your company, think about this: Marketing is a lot like showering...when you don't do it, you start to stink!”

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TRP recognizes Ron Dowell as a top professional in lead generation.

“The ability to generate leads and customers is the single most important thing you need in starting any type of business.”

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TRP recognizes Melanie Milletics as a top network marketing professional.

“I show network marketing professionals how to effectively engage with offline prospects using Social Media to generate more leads, referrals and sales with online marketing. Having used these strategies for more than fifteen years, I share what has helped me to be a top 1% earner in direct sales.”

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TRP recognizes Bryan Zurawski, ZFunnels, as a top professional in digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

“If you want more customers (even if you've been burned in the past on marketing that doesn't work) you need a sales funnel. It's no longer enough to just have a website for your business.”

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TRP recognizes Nextep Communications as a top professional in business lead generation.

“With the advent of social media and the internet, business lead generation has never been easier. However, the trick has always been in knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Luckily, this is no longer an issue for us.”

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TRP recognizes Rob Trube as a top professional in video marketing.

“Video is becoming increasingly critical for effective marketing and lead generation campaigns, but we found that it was hard for most organizations. OptioVideo was started to help organizations of all sizes create professional quality video, but at an affordable price.”

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TRP recognizes Andrew Dickson as a top professional in coaching divorced Christian men wanting a successful 2nd marriage.

“Divorced Christian men desiring good second marriages must change or suffer again. Don't lose more time and money paying divorce bills twice! Learn from a man owning a joyful second marriage – it's not easily done. Why delay your future happiness? Take the course of wise action. Find a wise coach now!”

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