Announces Top Performers For The Week Of November 6, 2016. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of November 6, 2016.

TRP recognizes Ground Level Consulting as a top professional in small business management consulting.

“Christina Suter, Ground Level Consulting, is an entrepreneur, mentor, consultant, radio host, author, and speaker. She created the 7 Step Investment Cycle Formulas and 9 awareness for ‘Conscious Minded Business Owner’. Her quote ‘Freedom, abundance and transformation is what there is to do, let's do it!’”

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TRP recognizes as a top professional in getting your phone ringing off the hook with high quality clients within the next seventy two hours.

“Nationally recognized business growth advisor, former U.S. Marine, now Google authority expert.”

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TRP recognizes Roger Silen as a top professional in Forex and currency trading.

“Mindset is 90% of the Forex Success Equation. If you want to become a professional, successful and consistently profitable Forex trader you MUST master patience and discipline. You should be out of the market 80% of the time waiting patiently for your specific trade set up to materialize.”

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TRP recognizes Naeem Joseph a top professional in email marketing.

“Email marketing is the most cost effective marketing channel for any small business, it's the great equalizer.”

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TRP recognizes Thomas Eberhard as a top professional in rapid business building and marketing.

“Position yourself and your company as the authority everybody wants to go to and do business with. That is exactly what I do for you and your business as I apply rapid business building strategies to fast-track your company and increase your client base quickly.”

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TRP recognizes Alex Marco as a top professional in media authority.

“I help business owners and professionals raise their authority in their customers and prospects’ eyes by getting them cited in the media. It helps you to stand out from the crowd and differentiates yourself as an expert in your field, which becomes incredibly valuable to your business.”

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TRP recognizes Terry Suffredini, PE - The Engineer's Coach, as a top professional in helping fellow engineers achieve success in both their personal and professional lives.

“These days, a successful job search requires that one be both a savvy detective and a great marketer: a detective, so you can unearth the openings that are never posted anywhere, and a marketer, to easily demonstrate why you - and you alone - are uniquely qualified for the position you desire.”

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TRP recognizes Alana Johnson as a top professional global internet entrepreneur.

“Do you have a plan? Failing to plan, planning to fail. Set goals and set tasks. Put together a plan the night before with the tasks that you have to get done the next day. Keep it around 5-6 tasks, include webinars you are going to, income producing activities, personal development and training.”

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TRP recognizes Jon Lonergan as a top professional in internet marketing.

“When others see you as an authority in your field, they are willing to listen and take you seriously. They also expect to pay more to deal with a recognized authority. And when the Major Media recognizes you as an authority, others will as well.”

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TRP recognizes Mark Jennings as a top professional in identifying and hiring candidates.

“I have the ability to identify, evaluate and hire the appropriate candidate for any open job requisition regardless of industry.”

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