Announces Top Performers for the week of May 26,2014 a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of May 26,2014.

TRP recognizes Sherry Gideons as a top professional in Professional Coaching.

“Return to balance. Serve. Live your magnificence. Be who you are at your core. Gain power and dominion over your thoughts and feelings. Manifest your divine light and BEING - the power you are now - in all areas of your life, finding your way home through Action SOULutions.”

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TRP recognizes Andrew Katcher, President of Rapid Results as a top professional in Reverse Logistics Consulting.

“It is not uncommon for up to 10% of a company's revenue and 35% of profits to be tied up in the reverse logistics supply chain. With focus and creativity, that number can be cut in half.”

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TRP recognizes Phil DiMartino as a top professional in Training and Education.

“The forex market gives the average person a chance to participate in the restructuring of the global economy. Learning how to be a great trader is one the biggest assets you can ever develop for yourself.”

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TRP recognizes Get Well Bedding as a top professional in Bedding, Mattresses and Healthcare.

“Designed by an expert in the human body, Dr. Veli Solyali, started with the body’s needs first, from posture & circulation to biomechanics. Bringing together years of research and experience in the fields of back care and sleep, his range of beds are the ultimate in luxury, support and comfort.”

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TRP recognizes Dr. James Lambert as a top professional in Personal Injury Management.

“Success in the courtroom, is directly related to the chosen medical office and their knowledge, credentials and ability to articulate findings on paper relevant to causality, bodily injury and persistent functional loss.”

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TRP recognizes Nicole Martins Ferreira as a top professional in Marketing.

“Marketing isn't just about making sales; it's about building a long-term relationship that will help make companies prosperous for a longer period. Be love and the money will follow.”

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TRP recognizes Les Simpson of Deferred Tax Benefits, Inc. as a top professional in
Tax Structures for Business and Commercial Real Estate Owners.

“Les has 30 years experience working with High Net Worth Businesses.”There are two tax systems for business and commercial real estate owners. There is the one for the regular tax payer and there is one for the informed.”

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TRP recognizes Bruce Elfenbein as a top professional in Income and Retirement Planning.

“No one plans to have a lousy retirement...they just have a lousy plan, or even worse, no plan at all.”

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TRP recognizes Tevis Verrett, Author of Notes, Banking & Credit, The Paper Empire!, as a top professional.

“Tevis Verrett is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and financial scholar. He approaches the subject matter of sophisticated financial concepts with a humanity centered warmth, caring, and gentle humor. Tevis imparts financial literacy for the rest of us! The Note Empire, Education, then Execution!”

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