Announces Top Performers for the week of May 25, 2017. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of May 25, 2017.

TRP recognizes Mark Urso as a top professional in teaching my job hunting and sales students become immediately successful at making employers and clients say,"its obvious we should pick you!"

“Career searches and sales prospecting can be easy once you know how to greatly differentiate yourself from the competition and target only the decision makers who can say YES to you because you made it very obvious to them that you are the best or only person to help them solve their problems!”

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TRP recognizes Jing Zhang as a top professional Business Growth Specialist specialized in helping SMB in the apparel industry to increase their sales and profits with no cost, no risk and little extra efforts on their part.

“The single most effective way for businesses to grow their profits is to turn their prospects and customers as a distribution center for other products and services through strategic alliances.”

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TRP recognizes Jacqueline Muller as a top professional consultant in Management Consulting.

“We always have a choice: we can be victims of the busyness of life and work, or we can chose to have fun and live to the fullest.”

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TRP recognizes Andrew Majdlik, author of Destination Financial Freedom, as a top professional in building investment property portfolios for clients.

“I made so many mistakes based out of thinking I can do it on my own, as well as the fear to take action, and also thinking I wasn't ready. I learned some valuable lessons that I now coach others on, so that they realize, you can't and don't have to do it own your own.”

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TRP recognizes Myles Cahill as a top professional in exponential business growth.

“The easiest thing a business or individual or business in search for explosive growth and profits is to demonstrate their authority, and to be recognized as an industry expert. The rewards are massive.”

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TRP recognizes Aldemaro Vasquez as a top professional in Transportation Technologies.

“Pulse Roadside Founders, Aldemaro Vasquez, Beatriz Buzzi, and David Blunk, announce the launch of Pulse Roadside App. This next-gen mobile app is revolutionizing the industry by linking everyday drivers with real-time emergency towing and auto service solutions everywhere.”

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TRP recognizes Ellen Lin as a top professional in e-commerce.

“Ellen Lin, Founder/CEO of, releases her latest book ‘How I Built a Million Dollar Online Store from $600,’ revealing the secrets she used to go from from $600 to 7-figures selling online rapidly and the same strategies she coaches students globally to skyrocket their online success.”

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TRP recognizes Rami Malaka as a top professional in Business consulting, online marketing and SEO.

“Rami Malaka helps the people to build their brand by online marketing and SEO.”

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TRP recognizes M & J VIRTUAL RESOURCES as a top professional in IT Health Care.

“Seating yourself in authority is of the most extraordinary importance so that you can increase your recognized worth to your marketplace.”

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