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TRP recognizes Revina "Rev" Crouse as a top professional as a Hobby Entrepreneur.

“Everyone needs a hobby. Everyone. Hobbies can create a product or service; give energy or relaxation; be only for fun or create a fortune. Positioning yourself to profit from doing something you love can be the single most important decision to living a full and complete life. Find Fun = Make Money”

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TRP recognizes Joshua Fletcher as a top professional in Online Marketing Coaching.

“Why are people leaving their day jobs to work online? Because people are beginning to see that formal education has turned them into an employee. Their normal job is making them old in exchange for a hope they can eventually retire. The internet has become the escape hatch for that entire system.”

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TRP recognizes Charles Altman as a top professional in Manufacturing and Operations Consulting.

“For any production process to be sustainable one must engineer the people as well as the process itself.”

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TRP recognizes Bob Kennedy as a top professional in Mortgage Lending & Credit Improvement.

“Most people pay too much money to their mortgage lender. But I solve this with an easy counter-intuitive strategy called Putting Lipstick On The PIG! Even little tweaks can save hundreds even thousands of dollars... that can then be spent on little pleasures to make make your life more enjoyable.”

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TRP recognizes Mark Sitter as a top professional in Authority Online Media Marketing.

“When you treat your customer’s with respect by educating them, motivating and really listening to what they say and want. You will become an educator and authority figure that will have a much higher perceived value in the market you are in. And someone they will know, like and trust.”

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TRP recognizes Mike Howard as a top professional in Telecom.

“Michael possesses over 30 years of telecommunications experience, helping businesses large and small, navigate and implement the complexities of VoIP and business telephone systems. As a leader in the telecom industry, he has the innate ability to make technical information seem quite simple.”

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TRP recognizes Ron Thompson as a top professional in Mobile Web Design & Mobile Marketing.

“Business Owners, did you know that over 50% of your traffic is coming from Mobile this year? Get your business Mobilized in 2014 or you could be losing customers every day. Get your Custom Mobile site today.”

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TRP recognizes Tammy Lambert as a top professional in Media Management.

“Consistently share quality content across the web for credibility. Like an art exhibit, visitors get familiar with the artistic pieces, their message and their creator. The most engaging content is an expression of passion, which is naturally authentic.”

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TRP recognizes Noel Duquette as a top professional in Healthcare Business Media Authority.

“Positioning yourself as a healthcare professional authority is the single most important thing you can do to increase your perceived value to your marketplace. By implementing this one simple strategy you will instantly dominate your competition and explode your profits.”

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TRP recognizes Lead Generation Legacy, LLC as a top professional in Online Lead Generation.

“The number one metric a local business owner should focus on is the number of targeted leads generated for their business each month. This is the only way to tell if the marketing campaigns are producing a positive ROI.”

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