Announces Top Performers for the week of March 15, 2014. a website that accepts nominees from the top professionals, worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top performers for the week of March 15,2014.

TRP recognizes Kytka Jezek as a top professional in Writing and Editing.

“Kytka is CEO of Bestseller Authority and Distinct Press where "whether you are a business owner, a speaker, or a full-time author, being able to call yourself a Bestselling Author dramatically increases your authority, credibility, positioning and allows you to raise your fees and receive offers for media, interviews and speaking engagements. You become the leader in your marketplace."”

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TRP recognizes Zak Jezek as a top professional in Sales and Marketing.

“Having a bestseller builds credibility and prestige. Nothing establishes the credentials of a person more than a bestselling book and the interviews, leads and media they get as a result. Zak Jezek puts his clients on the radar as bestselling authors with complete done-for-you services

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TRP recognizes Lisa Deschambault as a top professional in Social Media Marketing.

“If you think social media is a waste, you’re ignoring thousands of dollars in potential income. Social media isn’t about technology – it’s about building relationships that lead to trust. And trust is the key to selling without manipulation!”

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TRP recognizes Carol Harkins as a top professional in Local Online Marketing & SEO.

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. That saying applies to your online presence, too. It's just one piece in the process of getting visibility and making sales using the Internet. Once you put it all together, your business will grow."

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TRP recognizes Steve Johnson as a top professional in Competitive SEO.

“Your marketing company is lying to you. It doesn't take months to rank a website, even for tough keywords. SEO isn't magic... it's math! If your marketing company is charging you for time you aren't at the top of the search results- Maybe you should call us.”

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TRP recognizes Sam Crouse as a top professional in Leadership Consulting.

“There’s a big difference between responsibility and accountability. The most important thing a leader can do in ANY organization; public, private, or non-profit, is to hold responsible people accountable. Be accountable to yourself before you expect it from others. Duty makes the Difference!”

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TRP recognizes Traycie Tonge as a top professional in Community Marketing.

“Give a company engaging social media initiatives, and you help them forge highly valued relationships with its patrons. Such connections build trust, and trust grows the bottom line. Marketing experts now become community change agents bridging the gap between people and the heart of a business.”

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TRP recognizes Joe Theriault as a top professional in Media Authority.

“Getting authority online and off is paramount if you want to be really successful. This positioning is the key to increasing your worth in your field of expertise.”

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TRP recognizes Bryan Super as a top professional in Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

“To increase the perceived value of the services or products your business offers, the easiest thing you can do is position yourself as an expert or authority figure in your market place. This can be done by gaining media attention or ranking your virtual properties high in the search engines.”

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TRP recognizes Leads-Locally as a top professional in Business Marketing.

“A major challenge facing local businesses is finding time to effectively market their business online, leveraging what is working now. Defining a cohesive strategy that promotes their business and protects their reputation. Marketing as a Service addresses these issues in a cost effective manner.”

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