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TRP recognizes Lydia Wolfensperger as a top professional in Local Business Back-end to Front-end Marketing.

“Most local businesses spend money on ads without considering their back-end, when it's their back-end that is most important for sustained business. It increases customer retention, gets their friends coming in, and allows follow up with automation. A good back-end adds value to front-end funnels.”

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TRP recognizes Steve Karagiannis as a top professional as a Children's Picture Book Author.

“Reading picture books sets your child up for a love of life, learning and a healthy self-esteem. So in my books, I weave themes of joy, imagination and possibility.I use bright, melodic text and vivid, adorable illustrations to engage their hearts and minds as they discover valuable life lessons.”

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TRP recognizes Brian Culley as a top professional in Reputation Marketing.

“The biggest marketing problem for business owners today is little to no online reputation. I show them how to build a 5 star reputation using our proprietary system & how to market a 5 star reputation to get more customers. We can do this even if they have a poor reputation right now.”

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TRP recognizes Ramon E. Dees as a top professional in Marketing Coach.

“The most effective thing Life Coaches and Solopreneurs can do to position themselves for growth... is to clarify why someone should do business with them, instead of a competitor, with a ‘unique selling proposition’ (USP).”

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TRP recognizes Josh Wheeler as a top professional in Reputation Marketing.

“90% of all businesses do marketing all wrong, costing time, money, & resources. Boost Marketing has a proprietary marketing system for businesses that want to dominate their market. We start by building a 5 star reputation & marketing that reputation to get more customers as the system foundation.”

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TRP recognizes Vivian FitzGerald as a top professional in Health Connection.

"Life simply does not exist! - Not without Water!!Our most critical nutritional need is Water!!Optimal Health? What if it's as simple as Water? Dramatically Improve your Health; Increase your Energy; Prevent/Reverse Disease and Premature Aging ~ Drink Water!!”

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TRP recognizes Brad Dixon as a top professional in Reputation Marketing.

“In today's online internet driven society, reputation has become the most important asset a person or business has. To stay competitive, twenty to thirty percent of an advertising budget must be allocated for this. If a business doesn't get this right all other advertising is useless!”

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TRP recognizes Aboubekr Boutaleb as a top professional in Social Media Marketing.

“Social media marketing relates to the process of gaining targeted traffic or attract attention through social media sites. Social networking allow individuals to interact with one another, build relationships and as an inexpensive platform allow companies to implement effective marketing campaigns.”

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TRP recognizes as a top professional in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

"The single most important course of action to take to increase your perceived value within your marketplace is by positioning yourself as the authority.”

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TRP recognizes Wassim Abousamra as a top professional in Media Authority.

“When you position yourself as an authority you add value to yourself in the marketplace and elevate levels of trust in you from your customers and you can then focus your efforts on achieving top results in your career or business.”

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